most stylish women umbrellas

15 most stylish women umbrellas

It is obvious, there is a lot of fantastic, stylish women umbrellas on the market. Women simply love colourful and patterned accessory, even in case they are choosing just a new umbrella. Probably they have seen it on some picture or have a good taste on the accessories, which fits their outfit. Or are just women, it is simple like that.

On our website, we have prepared the selection of the most stylish women umbrellas. Still, this is based on our opinion and you could have another vision of your top designer women umbrellas, of course.

Anyway, when you see all the umbrellas under the Women stylish umbrellas category, you can find fantastic pieces of art, creativity and imagination, we can guarantee you that for sure!

For men, we have published another post about the classic umbrellas, if they are not much curious about what is going to follow. But, if you are curious man, then we would like to add that those umbrellas are also a great as a gift!

Let’s have a look at our selection on the 15 most stylish women umbrellas!

15. Oil painting umbrella

This oil painting umbrella is suitable for romantic women, who do not want just an umbrella, but something colourful, positive and creative.

oil painting umbrella

Although non-automatic, it protects you from the sun as well due to the UV protection feature. Also, it is compacted, not heavy and should cover you very well due to quite a large canopy. The skeleton is made from metal and should resist normal wind. Against a stronger one, it would not be so resistant.

14. Cute female umbrella

Even larger than the previous one, this umbrella is a hit. Made in very fancy colours, so small in folding position – just 18 cm, you can stash it easily to your bag!

Cute female umbrella

As producer says it is quite windproof, but be aware in the stronger wind this umbrella would not resist much due to only 8 metal ribs (the optimal number is 10 as a minimum to be resistant against the stronger wind).

However, as safer from sudden rain, it would serve very well!

13. Pocket automatic umbrella

Some shiny and even automatic umbrella comes to our website to be represented by a very stylish women umbrella. You can choose from 6 different design, but all are shiny and beautiful.

Compacted and light-weighted, smaller than previous two umbrellas as it has 90 cm in opening mode.

Pocket automatic umbrella

Same time is this umbrella windproof, but against the stronger wind there could be a problem, still, for normal rain, it would be a great accessory, which worth to be purchased.

12. Colourful bubble umbrella

And here comes the bubble umbrella: this colourful bubble umbrella would be precious in your umbrella selection as its very fancy and protects your hair and shoulders much better than classic umbrella due to the “dome” shape.

transparent bubble umbrella

You can choose from 4 different colours, is it semi-automatic with user-friendly opening features.

Bubble umbrellas are usually long-handled so it means you cannot stash them easily to your bag, but still, their design is very popular and widely used.

11. Lovely cat umbrella

If you are a cat lover, you will adore this umbrella for sure. It has cat picture on the canopy and probably due to that it has been purchased by many customers already – either as a gift to some friend or family member, either as their new umbrella.

Lovely cat umbrella

This umbrella is fully automatic, the canopy has 97 cm in the opening mode and 28 cm in the folding position.

It also blocks the sunlight and absorbs most of the heat, so this umbrella is very suitable as a sun protector.

10. Pocket flower umbrella

Highly stylish, light-weighted and very compacted umbrella, which suits to your small bag for sure – in the folding mode it has 18 cm only!

Pocket flower umbrella

Despite the fact this umbrella is so small in the folding mode, it has quite a large canopy – 97 cm, which means it covers you very well in case of rain.

We do not recommend this umbrella to be used in case of stronger wind as due to 8 nylon ribs it could be broken quite easily. Still, as the accessory would suits the umbrella very well due to popular flower design.

9. Little prince umbrella

One of the most purchased umbrellas on the market should not be missed in our selection as well. We introduce you Little Prince umbrella! You can choose from a lot of colours and get a very cute stylish umbrella.

Little prince umbrella

This umbrella is very small in closing mode – it has only 17 cm,  so you can easily hide it in case of no need. In opening mode, it has 95 cm, which is quite enough for a reliable cover. This umbrella is non-automatic, but no worries, the opening and closing mechanism is still user-friendly.

8. Transparent bubble umbrella

Let’s come back to the highly stylish bubble umbrella – this transparent umbrella will serve you not just as a great accessory, suitable for many occasions as e.g. wedding, but you will see through it very well – this feature is one of the best bubble umbrellas providing to their user.

Transparent umbrella

As mentioned, they look so well in wedding photos. The only occasion they probably don’t fit is the business meeting, but here depends on the nature of the meeting. Other than that you can wear it wherever you want to, always keep your head and hair dry.

They are also quite resistant against the stronger wind as they don’t get reversed. If you are curious about our best bubble umbrellas, kindly find our post about them here.

7. Black&White umbrella

If you like the “British” style you would appreciate this fully-automatic “newspaper” umbrella. As you can see it has a very distinctive design.

You can pick from 2 options: a black one with white letters or a white one with black letters, both are very stylish.

Black&White umbrella

What is plus it is fully sunny umbrella due to UV protection, the weight is not so high and in the folding mode could be easily stashed to bag or backpack.

6. Tree pattern umbrella

Have you already noticed this Tree pattern umbrella? Maybe not as it is not so conspicuous due to fine colours used, however, this umbrella is very fancy as well.

Tree pattern umbrella

Other than that is has steel construction, which makes it more wind resistant than other umbrellas mentioned before and the opened canopy has 114 cm, which makes from this umbrella very reliable protector against rain and sun!

Also, there are 5 designs to be chosen from and all of them are highly stylish!

5. Zebra painting umbrella

This luxury umbrella could not be missed in our selection – Zebra painting umbrella is a fantastically designed umbrella, which is a sure choice in case you want the most stylish one and makes an impression!

Zebra painting umbrella

The canopy size is very pleasant (104 cm) and as it is not the lightest umbrella, it would be little more wind resistant than the previous umbrellas or at least there is less chance to be reversed in case of stronger wind.

4. Cute bird parasol

We cannot help ourselves to not mentioned this umbrella – as it is more parasol than normal rain umbrella, it is so unique and stylish so we decided to include it as well.

Cute bird parasol

Yes, it could serve as the normal rain umbrella with all the favourite bubble umbrella´s features, but it is the design, what makes from this umbrella a fantastic wedding accessory!

If you are curious about the wedding umbrella all over, you can read our post about wedding umbrellas here.

3. Luxury women umbrella

As the name of this umbrella already reveal, this is luxury looking umbrella – black and white combination is always a good choice! There are 3 designs to be chosen from with similar pattern, all are very stylish.

luxury women umbrella

But, the best on this umbrella is that is fully-automatic and quite heavy, which makes from it a reliable umbrella, more resistant against the wind.

2. European style umbrella

If you are still not convinced for buying the bubble umbrella, we are afraid this one will remove all your doubts. This European style umbrella has an absolutely stunning design and you can even choose from 3 different options!European cities umbrella

The opened canopy has 120 cm, which guarantees 100 % protection from rain, is semi-automatic and in the closed mode, it is 80 cm high, which also makes from this umbrella great walking tool!

If you live in rainy London or you plan to go there and are not sure, which umbrella to take with you, this is worth to consider product!

1. Animals printed umbrella

As you can see this animal’s printed umbrella is fantastic – especially the one with the elephant design, but don´t hesitate to go through all 9 offered designs.

Animals printed umbrella

As a plus is this umbrella fully-automatic, has the ideal size of the opened canopy – 108 cm and could be used as sunny or beach umbrella as well. Due to the opening mechanism, it is suitable for children as well!

Stylish and reliable, it is even possible?

We realised we have put on the plate great designed umbrellas. Now, it is up to you, if you follow your heart and choose some stylish umbrella to have a fantastic accessory, or you will look for a reliable one as well as all in 1 solution.

The good news is there is no need to make such a big compromise as most of the umbrellas are very quality and reliable as well. So, if we can recommend you something, the bubble umbrellas serve as a great, stylish protector and at the same time, it covers you very well, even in stronger wind.

We advise you to take your time and go through our stylish women umbrellas selection or let our post help you choose the best one. In the end, it is always up to you!

15 most stylish women umbrellas

We are here to help for any other question – kindly contact us through the comment below the post.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Bye Renata


  • Debbie

    Hi Renata,

    I loved your post about stylish umbrella’s.

    Having recently moved to the UK from sunny South Africa I have yet to purchase an umbrella for the typical UK weather!

    Although of course it also rained in South Africa, many people use umbrella’s as parasols to shade them for the scorching sun, especially while walking at midday, so some of your lighter prettier umbrellas would be perfect for this type of heat.

    The one I particularly liked is the newspaper print, although that is not as much fun as the zebra painted umbrella.

    I also have a friend who is crazy about her 2 cats who I know would love the cat umbrella!

    Thanks for a lovely collection.


    • Renata

      Hello Debbie!
      Your comment is so kind, thank you! What is interesting – in Europe parasols are not so widely used as in other countries, but I believe this will come quite soon as it becomes more popular, also due to nice designs of the parasols lately produced. The newspaper umbrella is very nice, I agree! Thank you for stopping by and have a great summer! Bye Renata

  • Adyns68

    I never thought of umbrella as a fashion accessory but with time I came to realize that it is a good addition. In my country, I use it in sunny and raining days. So, I am now very careful about choosing an umbrella that goes with my outfit.

    I love the colorful bubble umbrella, the colors are awesome. You made an awesome list and I think for sunny days will definitely go with the oil painting umbrella.


    • Renata

      Thank you for visiting my website! We are happy that you like our list of the best stylish umbrellas. The colourful bubble umbrella is very pretty, suitable for all fashion women, I absolutely agree. It is also great as a parasol, so there is no need to purchase another umbrella if you do not want to, of course. Thank you for your comment and have a great day! Bye Renata

  • jazom

    Firstly, thank you for
    discussing the beautiful umbrellas. I normally use the umbrella on rainy
    and sunny days. From this article, I found out about various umbrellas
    that would be very helpful for me. I think Cute female umbrella will be
    great for me because it is big in size which will be of great benefit
    to my use. I will buy soon and I can enjoy it.

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment! The Cute female umbrella is very nice and very compacted so it fits a small bag. Definitely a good choice! We will be happy to recommend the ideal umbrella. Have a great summer! Bye Renata

  • akborm

    I usually do not use the
    umbrella as fashion. But seeing these umbrellas I plan to use these
    umbrellas as a fashion. Generally, it rains in our country, leaving
    these umbrellas in front will be of great benefit. I love the Tree
    pattern umbrella, the colors are awesome. I’ll buy this umbrella soon
    and friends will tell about this umbrella.Thank you for your nice post.

    • Renata

      Thank you for stopping by! Yes, the umbrellas could serve as a fashion accessory as well, the best solution is to have the quality one and the same time the stylish one. Hopefully, we have recommended some suitable, the Tree pattern one is really very fancy!
      Thank you for your kind comment and wish you a great day! Bye Renata

  • AmDetermined

    Your post is very informative, I really love most of the designs of umbrella that was poster on your website, i have been thinking about what I can present to a friends birthday I think this is a good idea because she will really loved the design that I will choose for her, I will lie to get one for mybself also because my umbrella don’t have design.

    • Renata

      It was a pleasure to recommend some great designer umbrellas and hopefully, you will find some suitable for your friend and for you as well. We are here to help you with choosing one. Have a great summer and thank you for visiting our website! Bye Renata

  • JJ

    Yes, Renata, we have been using umbrellas for ages and generally we have been putting up with offers of dull boring umbrellas and if you are into looking stylish, that won’t work. My favourite from your display is the one with the oil painting. Do you have an estimate of the life of these umbrellas ? This would be a question for me when I am ready to purchase. Thank you for this information. I need me a fancy umbrella for this heat.

    • Renata

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment – sometimes there could be troubles when you looking just for the stylish umbrella and do not look deeply into the offered features – such umbrella could not be long lasting so you wasting your money. But, when you are careful and really do the research, you can buy very stylish and same time very quality umbrella! The one with oil painting is really very fancy and the lifetime of such umbrellas really depends on the weather condition it is used for – in some countries, where it is not so rainy and windy, it could last very long time, however when you use it not so gently, it can be broken as well – so hard to say, really. The former customers are satisfied either with the colours (same as on the pictures), either with its function, so we believe this umbrella is definitely a good choice!
      Thank you again and have a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • Jay

    These are just beautifully made. I am a guy but still I am really impressed on the design of these umbrellas. I am used to the typical black umbrella without any designs. Not that I am complaining but since I cannot really use this I would very much like to give them to a special someone as a gift.

    It kind of hard to make a choice but I think I would go for the luxury women’s umbrella. That would just be perfect.

    • Renata

      Hello Jay,
      Thank you for your kind comment! The luxury women’s umbrella is very fancy and stylish and I would definitely recommend this one as a gift to someone precious! It should not be a mistake to choose this one. Thank you for stopping by and in case of any further assistance, do not hesitate to let us know! Bye Renata

  • Midhun


    Seriously as a man, I was not even aware that there is so
    much variety of umbrellas.

    We mostly use black umbrellas and doesn’t even care about
    most of the other varieties.

    But when it comes to giving a special gift, these stylish
    umbrellas look very unique.

    There are a lot of styles to choose here, but if you are asked
    to recommend one, to give as a memorable gift to someone,
    what style do you recommend?

    The animal printed umbrella is already out, as I feel it is more
    suited for kids. So what other styles do you recommend?

    • Renata

      Hello Midhun,
      Thank you for stopping by and letting your comment here as a man, I really appreciate your kind insight! As mentioned, is hard to choose one as there is a lot of fancy umbrellas among our selection. I would definitely recommend the Zebra painting one, as it is a very unique product and I cannot imagine there would be some women, which does not like this design. Anyway – you can find it here: .
      Have a great summer and wish you all the best!
      Bye Renata

  • Anthony Hu

    Thanks for the well-thought post. I have never imaged that umbrellas could have so many fantastic styles, which make our life more fulfilling and exciting. 

    I love all 15 umbrella you described, but I think the animal printed umbrella is the best of the best. The one with the elephant design is a piece of fine art and a painting, if you don’t tell me it is an umbrellas. I would like to purchase this one. Could you tell me where I can buy such umbrellas?

    It is very kind of you sharing such beautiful stuff with us.

    • Renata

      Dear Anthony,
      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. We are happy we showed you such umbrellas and that you like our selection! All the umbrellas could be purchased right after clicking on the Check price button under each product.
      First, you need to click on the selected umbrella, there will be a new window opened where you can see the selected umbrella and the details about it. You will see Check price button and after you click on it you will be redirected to the producer pages with the particular umbrella.
      If you need any further assistance, kindly let us know and we will be happy to help!
      Have a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • Polash

    Hi Renata!!

    What an amazing topic you have written about. All the 15 woman umbrellas are wonderful. They all are very nice looking. I liked the pocket flower umbrella most as because it will be so easy to carry and it covers all the rain. Only 18 cm in folding mood!! It will fit into my pocket😆. However, the transparent one is amazing also.

    • Renata

      Dear Polash,
      We appreciate your kind words and we are really pleased you like all the selected umbrellas. You are right, the pocket flower umbrella looks very fancy and same time is so small in the folding position so it fits a smaller bag as well. This is a great feature, we agree! We wish you the selected umbrella serves you very well and long time. Thank you for stopping by and have a great time! Bye Renata

  • Alam

    Hello Renata!!

    Wow!!! This is amazing. Most beautiful umbrellas I have ever seen. You have discussed on a different and interesting topoc here. Umbrellas are so much important both during summer when sun is hitting us and in rainy days that don’t need to say. And this will be extra fun to use these very beautiful designed umbrellas. the Oil painting umbrella and colorful bubble umbrella are looking so beautiful. also the transplant one. but I liked the pocket automatic umbrella most.

    • Renata

      Hello Alam,
      Thank you for your nice comment, we are happy that you find the selected umbrellas beautiful! The pocket automatic umbrella is really a great choice, it is very practical from a lot point of views and so stylish the same time. We are happy to help you in case of any further question. Thank you for stopping by and have a great time! Bye Renata

  • shirian

    It’s awesome! You’ve collected most stylish women umbrella. well, i am going to purchase the Cute female umbrella as a gift.Because, like you’ve mentioned above, this umbrella is a hit ,getting so small in folding position and good to see it is quite windproof. I like its fancy color and its style and I’m sure my friend would be happy about it. Thank You for this informative post. I’ve bookmarked it

    • Renata

      Dear Shirian,
      Thank you for your evaluation of the selection of 15 most stylish women umbrellas, we appreciate your kind comment! The Cute female umbrella is definitely a great choice, your friend would be happy for such a product, you will see. Have a great summer! Bye Renata

  • Harber


    Thanks for your article. In this article, you have described 15 women umbrellas.those are very helpful and attractive as well as stylish. i liked all the types of umbrella is needed for helps us to save from sun hits and anyone can try this.

    Thanks for the post. I am definitely going to buy that luxury women umbrella for my wife 🙂 

    • Renata

      Hello Harber,
      Thank you for your kind comment! We definitely recommend the luxury women umbrella as is really beautiful and fancy, your wife will appreciate such a product, I am sure of it. Have a great summer and thank you for stopping by!
      Bye Renata

  • Hossen

    Hello Renata,

    Women are usually fond of fashion. They like to design everything in their life then why umbrella will not. It’s amazing creativity by Renata. Those umbrellas are so gorgeous & colorful. All the umbrellas are quite good but the number 12 Colourful bubble umbrella & number 11 lovely cat umbrella are most attractive to me. I think everyone would like your concept & get much love from the customers.

    • Renata

      Dear Hossen,
      Thank you for your kind words, I am so glad you like your website and the concept we use. We really try to show our customers the umbrellas are very beautiful as well as they should consider buying some such umbrella, which is long-lasting. Thank you for stopping by and wish you all the best! Bye Renata

  • Touhid

    Hello Renata,
    This is really good to know about stylish women umbrellas. I think your article will be very helpful especially for women. I also have a friend who is crazy about black and white umbrella. In our country, we use it in sunny and raining days. I love the European style umbrella. From this article, I found out about various umbrellas that would be very helpful for me.

    • Renata

      Hello Touhid,
      Thank you for stopping by! The European style umbrella is really very beautiful and I really recommend this one for city walking, altough it is not a compact umbrella. Thank you for your kind comment and have a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Renata.
    What an incredible and soughtful collection of stylish umbrella for the women. Thanks for sharing the information which is really useful as my daughter is having her birthday soon and you provided me with an excellent idea.
    I liked the little prince umbrella the most as this color is the favorite of my little doll, as well as the meaw, makes it perfect for the cat lover.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Renata

      Hello Gaurav,
      Thank you for stopping by and kind comment! The umbrellas are very stylish and we can imagine it is hard to choose one of them – the little prince and the cat one are very nice and definitely a good choice for your daughter as from the reliability point of view.
      Have a great summer and we will be happy to help you in case you need to during picking the right one for your daughter! Bye Renata

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