25 dog raincoats for small dogs

21 dog raincoats for small dogs for 2020

Our list of small dog raincoats for 2020 has been made to help you picking the best raincoat for your doggie, especially for upcoming autumn and winter season. The greatest information is that even the cutest raincoat does not need to cost a fortune!

You simply cannot get wrong with some of the below-listed dog raincoats. Especially if you have a small doggie at home it would be a pity not to cover him to one of the waterproof and warm clothing to assure him some comfort during rainy and winter days.

If you agree with us and would like to buy one, two, or three raincoats for your doggie, firstly you should do a measuring so you get the correct size of the raincoat. Secondly, read carefully former customer’s review so you can get important information and avoid any troubles.

Let’s now look at how to measure your doggie if you are not sure about the size of the coat:

25 dog raincoats for small dogs

Be aware each producer has its own measuring size table so read carefully which size your doggie matches. If you are not sure, ask the producer about the correct size, he will be happy to advise! Always choose a larger size if you are between two sizes or your doggie grow fast.

Let’s now look at the top 21 stylish raincoats for small doggies:

#1 Cute winter hoodie raincoat

100 % waterproof raincoat for small doggie is really a big hit this year. No way your doggie will freeze during cold winters in this coat! Made in very stylish design make from this raincoat really a must-have!

cute winter hoodie raincoat

The best on this product is also the price – you can have it for appr. 12 USD on Aliexpress, there are 2 design options to choose from as per the pictures you can see. This product is also very well evaluated by former customers that claim the shipping is fast, the colors look like in the picture and they are very satisfied with the quality. There is no reason to hesitate if you love this coat as we do!

cute winter hoodie raincoat


#2 Motorcycle design winter raincoat

Have you seen something so cool as are those motorcycle designed raincoats? Produced from 100 % cotton from a reliable seller for an even better price, which is appr. 13 USD including shipping on Aliexpress.

Motorcycle design raincoat

You can also choose from 2 colors – beige and army green – both look gorgeous and very stylish! Equipped with a fur and really warm inner lining your doggie will feel like lying in a bed even during a long walk outside.

Motorcycle design raincoat

#3 Lightweight rain jacket

This lightweight rain jacket is great to a midseason time of the year for walking in rainy days with your doggie – it is very well to be seen for other walkers and cars so no worries your doggie would be overlooked in the dark or during foggy days. You can choose from 2 colors – yellow and pink.

Lighweight rain jacket

This hoodie lightweight raincoat has reflexing stripes and is produced from waterproof and breathable material (polyurethane). There is a comfortable button closing, the design makes it convenient to wear on and wear off. The storage of the dog raincoats takes up very little space.

Lighweight rain jacket

#4 Doggie rain poncho

Have you noticed how are those jackets and ponchos stylish? What about this one – lightweight dog poncho in a really stylish design that makes you doggie covered during rainy days but not makes them sweaty due to the great shape of the product?

Doggie rain poncho

It could be a doggie of Sherlock Holmes in this hooded poncho, don’t you think? So cute and practical at one, even for a great price appr. 12 USD + shipping costs on Amazon! There are also reflective straps around the hat and waist, that can make dogs highly visible.

Doggie rain poncho


#5 Dog windbreaker raincoat

Looking for some hooded raincoat for your french bulldog? Check those sporty windproof raincoats offered in 3 colors – yellow, red, and black. All designs are very stylish and the raincoat is very well evaluated by former customers, what makes from this raincoat a great choice!
Dog windbreaker raincoat

The price is even more fantastic – just appr. 15 USD including shipping on Aliexpress. Made from a breathable and lightweight material (polyester), easy to be put on and off. There are adjusters on the sleeves and around the neck so you can easily tighten them if needed.Dog windbreaker raincoat

#6 Hoodie waterproof jacket

Produced in 3 stylish designs you can have these charming dog clothes for the only appr. 5 USD plus shipping costs on Aliexpress! Is has been made from waterproof polyester.

Hoodie waterproof jacket

This product is very well evaluated by former customers so no worry it won’t be great for your doggie! Raincoat has a hood, is adjustable and there is button closing so easy to be put on and off. You cannot be wrong with this raincoat and if you consider the price it would be even a pity to buy only one!

Hoodie waterproof jacket

#7 Puppy adjustable raincoat

This is very popular type of raincoat as it is transparent, made from skin-friendly TPU material. This raincoat is comfortable, odorless, environmental, and durable. Offered in 2 colors – clear and yellow, both very stylish.

Puppy adjustable raincoat

Wondering how much is this coat? This one is a little bit expensive as you can have it for 28 USD + shipping costs, but it worth the price due to the great material this coat is made from. There are also reflective tapes that make it more visible in a dark environment. You can easily stash the whole raincoat into a small bag so no worry about keeping it if there is no use!

Puppy adjustable raincoat


#8 Rain Jacket with reflective stripes

Great rain jacket from nylon material is suitable for your puppy for sure. Even more for the great price appr. 13 USD + shipping costs that is offered on Amazon. You can choose from 3 different colors – pink, blue and black – all looks very elegant and stylish!
Rain jacket with reflective stripes
You as well your doggie will be amazed by its practical zipper opening to access the dog’s collar/harness. There are adjustable velcro closures on the neck and body. The inner side has warm fleece, waterproof nylon with reflective stripes you can find in the other side. This jacket would keep your favorite pet warm in cold weather and safe & visible to cars, bikes at night time.

Rain jacket with reflective stripes

#9 Impermeable waterproof jacket

Those pink and blue nylon rain jackets look so stylish and are very practical due to all the features offered, that are: reflective stripes, adjustable, are sweat-absorb, and have an adjustable hoodie so your doggie could feel comfortable in it.

Impermeable waterproof jacket

Great is also the price as you can have it for appr. 9 USD including shipping on Aliexpress! So, what are you waiting for? Take a measure and choose the color you like.

Impermeable waterproof jacket


#10 Sporty hoodie jacket

You have to admit the yellow color is really cool on doggies. This cute sporty jacket for small dogs could be purchase for appr. 17 USD including shipping costs on Aliexpress. There are 5 sizes to be chosen from. 
Sport hoodie jacket

The material is waterproof polyester. There is a button closing and easy put on and off.  Former customers like the quality, look, and value for money of this jacket. There is always a plus when the product looks, in reality, the same way as on the picture, which is also the case of this rain jacket.  Great purchase if you choose to have one for sure!

Sport hoodie jacket

#11 Polar fleece dog coat

This super cute and practical coat is a must-have for your doggie! Offered in 3 colors – red, blue, and pink, made from plaid polyester and purity polar fleece, skin-friendly for wearing.

Polar fleece dog coat

It has also safety reflective strips so no worry to take your doggie for a night walk. Great coat for winter months, keep your pet in warm. Button closing makes it easy to be put on and off. You can have this coat for 10 USD + shipping cost on Amazon!

Polar fleece dog coat

#12 Dog warm vest jacket

Offered in 4 beautiful colors, is this warm vest really great clothing for your doggie! Made of waterproof material, windproof, and even snow proof. Constructed with zipper closure, easy to put on and take off.

dog warm vest jacket

All the stitching has been done strongly.2 D-rings on the back can be attached to the leash and create a harness function. It helps your dog away from the wetness and keeps your dog dry and warm. Wondering about the price? Just 18 USD + shipping costs on Amazon.


#13 Doggie gray raincoat

This popular raincoat you can find on Aliexpress for only 6 USD plus shipping cost, which makes from this coat a really fantastic purchase if you choose to do so! Made from waterproof polyester, ideal coat for summer, and spring rainy days.

Doggie gray raincoat

There are velcro strips comfortable closing and safety strips on the back so your doggie will be visible enough in the dark or during foggy weather. Former customers appreciate fast shipping and quality of the raincoat all over, so we recommend this one as well!

Gray doggie raincoat

#14 Silver windproof jacket

This cotton and fleece silver raincoat is a great looking jacket that makes from your doggie only stylish companion. Rainy and winter days won’t be the same anymore if you buy this coat! You can even choose from 2 colours – silver and silver-violet jacket.

Silver winter jacket

The coat is made from cotton, the inner side is from fleece so your doggie will be kept warm during winter walks! And look like a superstar among local dogs! You don’t need to worry about the price as it costs 13 USD only on Aliexpress, including shipping costs! Based on former customers’ opinion is this hoodie jacket worth to be purchased for sure!

Silver winter jacket

#15 Stylish premium dog raincoat

If you are a fan of practical and same time exclusive and premium quality raincoats without pity of giving money for it, this raincoat could be the right for you. You can have it for appr. 26 USD on Amazon plus shipping costs. It has a removable hood and is adjustable around the neck and chest.

Stylish premium dog raincoat

Available in 5 colors – red, blue, yellow, black, and light blue with duck pattern. Double layered zip up raincoat with additional buttons makes putting this coat on easy as well as adjustable and stylish. Completely water-resistant and will keep your dog safe and dry in all weather conditions.

Stylish premium dog raincoat


#16 Hooded slicker poncho

If you are a fan of puppies ponchos (cannot blame you, they are so practical and fancy looking), is this product for you – at least due to colors and designs offered by the producer on Amazon you can choose from – 15 different patterns and colors! The price is also great – you can get it for only 14 USD + shipping costs!

hooded slicker poncho

Crafted from 100% polyester material with a waterproof coating to keep your pet comfortable and dry even in the worst weather conditions. High visibility reflective material helps to keep your pet safe when out for walks on dreary days, at night, or during poor visibility. Convenient lightweight slicker can be easily folded to fit into car storage areas or day bags for trips to the park, beach, or hiking trails

hooded slicker poncho

#17 Four-legged winter clothes

Those clothes look quite expensive, right? They are not at all! You can choose from 2 designs and both costs around 10 USD including shipping! One of our favorite among our list for sure and they look simply great! After reading former customers’ reviews, that are absolutely happy about this jumpsuit, we highly recommend buying it for your doggie!

four legged dog raincoat

Produced from 100% cotton, hodded, and with  button  closing. Simply saying – with  those  clothes  will  be  your  walkings  more  joyful, while  doggie will be kept warm. The  hood  is  fur-lined  and  both  designs  has a  very  nice  and  cute  pattern.

four legged dog raincoat

#18 Waterproof puppy clothing

This stylish and waterproof puppy clothing, available in 9 different colors are really great – you can have it for only 11 USD including shipping on Aliexpress! For this price, you can get a very quality jumpsuit with a hoodie, excellent for autumn and winter walking.

Waterproof puppy clothing

There is a button closing, that makes it easy to put on and off. The material is polyester and the inner side is made from cotton.

Waterproof puppy clothing

#19 Reflective dog poncho

Dog raincoat for small dogs, waterproof, and lightweight outer material with mesh lining inside for comfortable airflow. There are reflective stripes for more secure walking in dark. You can have this poncho for 16 USD on Amazon plus shipping costs.

reflective dog poncho

This poncho is delivered with a reflective zip pocket on the back, the dog slicker can be easily packed into the pocket. There is also a slit opening on the back for easy leash attaching when walking outdoor. You can also choose from 2 different colors – yellow and blue.

#20 Original adidog winter sweatshirt

This super cute puppy jumpsuit made by ultra-chic breathable human hoodie/sweatshirt cotton material provides cozy warmth during the winter with soft Sherpa fleece lining, perfect cold weather days. There is also a pet-friendly elastic for comfort. Your pet will love this comfy and cozy hoodie, and it will keep them warm and looking super cute at the same time!

Original adidog clothes

This fun dog sweater outfit slips on and off easily and offers a warm and comfortable fit, and features a hoodie as well as buttons closure for optimal comfort. Dog hoodie is double stitched in all the right places for durability and has a super soft interior for extra comfort. You can have it for 11 USD plus shipping costs on Amazon!

Original adidog clothes

#21 Puppy rain jacket

Waterproof zip-up with additional hook & loop closure, making the jacket absolutely waterproof! Extra-large transparent cap, easy to put on without blocking your dog’s sight during rainy walks. You can have this jacket for your doggie for appr. 23 USD on Amazon plus shipping costs.

Puppy rain jacket

Contains a small opening on the upper back. The jacket is adjustable to fit any dog breed! High-quality, washing-durable reflective strips on the back and cap brim. Former customers love the quality of the jacket and the all-over design. No worry to purchase one, you and your doggie won’t regret it!

Puppy rain jacket

These rain jackets are so cool and stylish, isn’t it right? We tried to pick the best of the best. No worry that you cannot choose the right size, you can always ask the producer which size is the right for your doggie before buying.

Having such a jacket has a lot of pluses: it keeps your doggie warm and dry. As reflective stripes are almost on all of them – they make it safer to walk with your doggie in the dark or foggy weather. And if you love to wear stylish clothes, why not allow your doggie to make your stylish partner in crime!

We wish you a pleasant time during picking the best small dog raincoat, and in case of any question, do not hesitate to turn on us via comment below the post, we are here to help and advise!

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  • Kerryanne

    I’m not necessarily a fan of dressing up the dogs, UNLESS there is a proper benefit for them from it. When they are tiny, or short-haired, they are sensitive to temperature drop, so it seems to me as a quite good reason to keep them covered with some warm clothing.
    These raincoats go even one step further, as they provide a protection from becoming wet through and through for the dog while walking in the rain, similarly as for humans their raincoats. I think it is quite nice that you don’t need to adjust your walking time to the weather.
    These from your post are all very cute and, as I see, there are larger sizes as well, for an affordable price.

  • Susan

    Interesting post, the coats are certainly colourful and stylish. I’m of the mind that a dog can regulate their own body temperature in the majority of cases. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule and then a coat is a wise choice. But I’d worry that my dog might overheat if left on for longer than necessary. They already have their natural fur coat but if it’s just for short bursts of time to avoid getting wet in the rain, and an owner is conscientious of their dog’s body temperature, then great. Thank you for the information 🙂


    Thanks Renata. I had no idea that there are so many raincoat designs for dogs. Are the prices a lot higher for bigger dogs? I didn’t notice many large dog models. Are they able to do their “business” while wearing most of these?

    • Renata

      Hello Brian!

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

      The prices or bigger dog raincoats are not much higher – it depends on the producer, to be fully honest, but if there are differences, they are not significant.

      We will do a blog post about raincoats for bigger dogs as well so if you come to buy a little bit later, you can check our selection as well.

      Have a great time!

      Bye, Renata

  • Satz

    The easiest raincoat to put on your dog is definitely the poncho style. You don’t have to worry about wrestling with your dog to get a pullover on, but you’ll need to remember that if your pup is especially active he can force the poncho to slide off his back and trip him up.

    • Renata


      Thank you for your kind comment, this is very important information about poncho-style – you are absolutely right.

      So the doggie owner should know if it is suitable for his pet or there is better way – e.g. buying a normal raincoat.

      Anyway, thank you again for your time giving us a comment and we wish you all the best!

      Bye Renata

    • Renata

      Hello Brianna,

      Thank you for your kind comment! This is so nice from you, we have done all our best to have this blog post nice and cute so we are happy that it works as we wish to:).

      Nr. 19 is really great one, if you buy it, we will be happy to hear how satisfied were you with it.

      Have a great time and thank you again for your kind comment!

      Bye Renata

  • Delyana

    Thanks for this informational post. I don’t have a dog, but I think it is so cute when I see a dog on the street wearing one of these. They seem pretty good quality and I highly recommend them to anyone who has a dog. Do they make the same ones for cats too?

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