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Automatic or manual umbrella? That is the question!

After a difficult decision whether a full-sized umbrella or compact one will be right for you, you can see in the product description whether the chosen umbrella is an automatic or manual umbrella. What on earth does that mean and why should this definitely be considered?


Let’s see what an automatic umbrella actually means – generally you do not need two hands to open such umbrella – there is just one button to be touched and that’s it. The umbrella opens automatically without much effort. The fully-automatic umbrella means the umbrella is closed and opened by touching a button, we also offer semi-automatic umbrellas, where only the opening is being served by an automatic mechanism; the closing of the umbrella is done manually.

luxury women umbrella

Automatic umbrellas are also better for children as they might have a problem with some types of manual umbrellas.

Among the biggest drawbacks of an automatic umbrella is that due to the automatic system depends on the mechanism and a button – this could be also one way the umbrella could be broken. When it happens, there is not another way how to open the umbrella. This would lead to throwing the whole umbrella away (unless you can fix it, of course). But the important function of the umbrella is gone. For better idea how the automatic opening works, kindly see the below picture:

How to use automatic umbrella

Still, you can definitely see the advantage of the automatic umbrella – no need to use a second hand,  and no need to struggle with a manual opening, which is quite a plus especially in case of sudden rain.

Now let’s see what manual umbrellas are and why they are still so popularly used.


Manual umbrellas definitely have some advantage as well – they usually have safety catches and easy to use buttons, so your fingers won’t be strained each time you try to open such an umbrella. Or they do not have any buttons and you just glide open them, which is also a commonly used option.

A manual mechanism is also lightweight and is not predisposed to breaking so easily.

To help you choose the right opening mechanism option, let’s summarize what we have learned from the above information:

Automatic vs. manual umbrella


If you find your favourite umbrella, have chosen the design, type and opening mechanism, the last and very important way how to assure the umbrella will serve a long time and will give you some certainty, is to read most of the reviews of former customers, which have already some experience with the chosen umbrella. We are helping you by recommendation only of such umbrellas that have a significant number of positive former experiences.

Be also aware the price is not always the guarantee of the quality, but the reviews may reveal whether the product serves the owners well. If you are satisfied with the information you have learned about the chosen umbrella, there is nothing to discourage you from using your new umbrella for long, happy years.

men umbrella

We advise you to choose wisely as nobody is so rich tobe able to afford buying cheap products. If you still do not know which umbrella to choose, simply browse our website, as we offer a lot of manual, but also automatic umbrellas, in great designs and for a very advantageous price.

Wishing you a great time during your search for your new umbrella,



  • Dominic

    Automatic umbrellas, of course!

    It’s a no-brainer question for me since I love how it makes the opening of umbrella so easy. When it breaks, I would simply open the umbrella manually by force, hence allowing me to still use it even if defective.

    Now that my recent automatic umbrella got broken (which was caused by strong winds, not the mechanism), it’s time for me to buy a new one. Doesn’t matter if it costs more since I love the frequent switching anyway (coz’ it allows me to change designs)

    • Renata

      Dear Dominic,
      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate your opinion about this topic and absolutely understand why you prefer automatic umbrellas and I admire you for opening broken umbrella by force:). Hopefully, you will find some great one on our websites.

      Thank you again for your time and stopping by and wish you all the best.


  • supportcme

    Nice, great information about umbrellas and even did not know that there such designs and options in the umbrella. I love the Captain America umbrella, it is the one that suits me. Now I knew about the manual and automatic umbrella and I would choose the automatic umbrella. Thank you for sharing such interesting information.

    • Renata

      Hello, thank you for your kind comment! I agree with you the umbrella with Captain America is cool, hopefully, you will choose some based on our recommendation. Soon there will be much more great designs we will recommend.

      Bye Renata

  • LearnToEarn Admin

    I remember well the first time I was introduced to an automatic umbrella, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! 🙂  It meant I could have my other hand free to carry a bag or luggage and still be able to open my umbrella!
    I think it is an amazing feature and it saves a lot of time when travelling.

    • Renata


      Thank you for your kind comment, I absolutely agree the automatic system is fantastic and very useful in general. Not all have so high quality though, but we recommend some umbrellas, which have great reviews and former customers are very satisfied with them. No worry to choose one or if you stop by later on we will have much more products to be considered.

      All the best


  • Fahim Shahriar

    Thank you for featuring these two types of umbrellas in the article. Both umbrellas have some pros and cons. And I like the features of both. But if you ask me to choose between these two then I will go for the automatic one, which is more flexible to use and generally it opens automatically without much effort. 

    • Renata

      Dear Fahim,

      Thank you for your kind comment, yes, the automatic ones are very popular due to the features they have, I agree it is a good choice definitely, only be aware of which one you are buying as not all have the same quality. But we recommend the best products we can so if you follow our website we are sure you will choose the right one for you.

      Thank you for stopping by and wish you all the best!

      Bye Renata

  • Rana

    Hi Renata

    This is an excellent product review. After reading the article, I know the whole information about the umbrella. It is very nice to me that you wrote about two different process umbrella here. Your umbrella designs are very beautiful that easily attract people. I think the quality of your umbrellas will be very good. I will meet with you to buy the product very soon. 

    Thank you very much for writing this helpful product reviews.   

    • Renata


      Thank you for the very kind comment, we are glad you have found what you needed about the umbrellas. Wish you pleasure searching for your ideal fancy umbrella and thank you for stopping by!

      All the best


  • Nate MC

    Personally, I’m a fan of automatic umbrellas, but you’re right about them having more of a chance of being broken. I’ve used many automatic umbrellas in my lifetime and a lot of them did fall apart during a good storm lol. I think it’s because the ones I got were quite lightweight, but I still use automatic umbrellas over manual. 

    • Renata

      Hello Nate,

      Thank you for stopping by, we agree automatic is more convenient and understand why you would choose another automatic as well. Wish you good luck during searching for your next umbrella! Have a nice day


  • affiliate_ghost

    Hello Renata 🙂 , 

    This was an awesome review of automatic vs manual unbrellas and oI enjoyed reading it.

    I have used automatic and the semiautomatic umbrellas and the semi automatic is my favorite as it lasts longer and i think in my opinion it is more durable.

    I have gifted automatic umbrellas to friends and aside the weight She loves it. I love colorful bright umbrellas as well.

    • Renata


      Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, you are right, semi-automatic umbrellas could be the compromise in case you want to be sure the umbrella won’t break soon after starting using it, but this is also not a guarantee.

      Anyway, wish you pleasure searching on our website and thank you for stopping by!


  • Emmanuel Buysse

    Honestly, I don’t see the point of an automatic one. Simply because when it is broken, it is broken. And it costs more. A manual one you can still try to fix, if the wind doesn’t kill it too hard. But I know there are people who prefer the automatic ones. Anyway, thanks for sharing it with us! 

    • Renata

      Hello Emmanuel,

      Thank you for your point of view of the automatic umbrellas, still, a lot of people rather buy a more expensive automatic umbrella and when it brakes they buy another one, we cannot blame them, the automatic mechanism is very comfortable and it is definitely good invention.

      All the best


  • Josh

    This was the perfect post for me to come across. My wife and I have been sharing one umbrella for quite some time, but it’s probably time for me to get my own.

    This year has been extra rainy for whatever reason… while the automatic umbrellas are prone to break, it’s still the one I’m going to go with simply for convenience.

    I’d say my favorite umbrella you have under recommended is the Captain America one just based off design!

    Thanks for the in depth information.

    • Renata

      Hello Josh,

      Thank you for your kind comment, I absolutely agree the automatic umbrellas are very convenient and as soon as they have the quality, it could serve you a very long time without any troubles.

      Captain America umbrellas are very popular, I love the design too:). In the future we will have more similar products, hopefully, you will come by sometimes and look at what we have in your shop newly.

      Have a nice day and thank you for your time to visit our page.


  • Taetske

    Good evening Renata,

    That is really a good question. Here, at home in the south of Spain, I have both types of umbrellas, manual and automatic.

    My personal experience is that it really depends on the situation what type of umbrella I use. With heavy rain, I will definitely take my automatic one. If it is only drizzling and the weather forecast does not think it will get much worse I prefer to take the normal one. 

    On my visit to Holland last year I bought a really nice automatic umbrella with many pretty birds, I am really fond of this special umbrella.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Renata

      Dear Taetske,

      Thank you for stopping by, it is nice to hear from you about both types of umbrellas and for what purpose they are used in your case. I absolutely agree that there are situations when the automatic umbrella is better to be used and in others more the manual one.

      Hopefully, you have a nice time in the south of Spain and you will probably choose some umbrella on our website in the future.

      Have a nice day


  • Hollie Rose

    I just ordered an umbrella for my husband and for me an automatic umbrella was a must have. I sometimes use his umbrellas and I always have a kid or a bag with me so opening it with one hand makes it a lot easier. Also, compact the whole way- the big umbrellas make me think I’m old, which I’m not ready for yet!

    • Renata

      Hello Hollie Rose,

      Thank you for your opinion, I can imagine the automatic mechanism would be better for you as a mother (or generally saying – women, as we always have some bags on the second hand) so no struggling with manual mechanism is quite a plus, especially when the rain comes suddenly without mercy.

      Thank you anyway for stopping by and hope you will come back later on to check our new recommended products.

      By Renata

  • Cathy

    Yeah, that’s what I thought too. If you have an automatic and it dies on you, then the entire umbrella will not be of any use. I know they exist but I’ve yet to come across an umbrella repair shop where I live so until then, I will most likely stick to a manual version. Looks like you have some nice recommendations for that. 

    • Renata

      Dear Cathy,

      Thank you for your kind comment on the topic of whether an automatic or manual umbrella is the best choice. Honestly, everyone needs a different solution, most of us maybe a semi-automatic umbrella to be sure it won’t be broken as soon as we use it the first time against a strong wind.

      Anyway, it is always on the quality of the umbrella itself, hopefully, we will recommend you some great one.

      Thank you for your time and kind comment and wish you a great day!


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