Best bubble umbrellas

Best bubble umbrellas

Have you already thinking about buying some bubble umbrella as it seems to be stylish and serves as a great rain protector as well? Have you seen some on our website and thought to yourself: “The bubble umbrella is so cool, I definitely need to have one!”?

As the bubble umbrellas could protect you from the sun as well, it is a super cool product worth to buy. Hopefully, you will find the best one on our websites!

Here we come with our recommendation and some on top information you should know before buying the bubble umbrella.

What does it mean when we say: “bubble umbrella”

What differs the bubble umbrella from the classic umbrellas on the first sight is the shape of the canopy. The canopy is deeper and you can imagine it protects your whole head against rain and wind.

As they are often transparent, the user could have a great view, which is the advantage against the classic ones – you can remember when holding the black one and follow just the path as in rainstorm you simply cannot see anything more, right?

So this is not the case. Clear bubble umbrellas give their user very good see-through. Due to their canopy shape, they cannot be even reversed (as we know that very well from using of the classic ones) in a strong wind.

And if your look for fantastic accessory, which could complement your outfit or a stylish gift, bubble umbrella is a safe choice!

The cons and pros of usage of bubble or classic umbrella we can show you below:

bubble vs. classic umbrella

What features should definitely have your new bubble umbrella

No one wants to spend money on a poor quality product, the umbrella should not be the exception. Therefore, is very important to check the material of the canopy as well as the material of the ribs so it gives your reliable protection not even from rain, but from the strong wind as well.

The size and weight could be quite similar, but remember the lightest umbrella could be also predisposed to be broken in case of stronger wind.

The bubble umbrellas are often long-handed, this is due to the opening mechanism and necessity of longer holder. Still, you can hide such an umbrella into a bigger backpack.

As the sun protector it could serve as well, but be aware of if your umbrella has special UV features so you do not need to worry to use it against the sun as well.

The most recommended bubble umbrellas

Semi-automatic clear umbrella

Transparent umbrella

This long-handled, semi-automatic clear bubble umbrella is a safe choice when you look for reliable bubble umbrella. The handle is plastic and the body frame is from iron. As per producer information, it is suitable for adults.

As per the reviews of former customers, this umbrella is bought mostly for the wedding as it looks so nice on the photos, so all in one solution, which we recommend as well.

Kids bubble umbrella with unicorn design

unicorn bubble umbrella

This super cute umbrella with 4 designs to be chosen from definitely cheer you up. Very suitable for children due to easy, semi-automatic feature with a button opening.

This umbrella is supported by 8 wind resistant fibreglass umbrella ribs, which makes this umbrella strong enough to endure the wind. Very suitable for outdoor events and wedding.

European cities bubble umbrella

European cities umbrella

Highly stylish with 3 design options to be chosen from – this is European cities bubble umbrella. Made from the iron, with plastic J-handle for comfy holding.

This umbrella is semi-automatic, which means the opening is done by pushing a button, the closing is done manually. If you look for some city visit suitable umbrella, this is definitely a good choice!

Sunny and rainy clear bubble umbrella

clear bubble umbrella

For sun protection as well – this transparent bubble umbrella is made from stainless steel, which makes this umbrella more wind resistant. There is white plastic J-handle and easy one push button opening mechanism.

Cute cartoon bubble umbrella

Children cute umbrella

This long-handled 3D Cartoon kids bubble umbrella makes from rainy morning more cheerful moments. Made for children since the age of 2.

Although it is non-automatic, which means the opening and closing has to be done manually, still as this umbrella has been made for little children, the producer made the opening easy.

It is long-handled as well with plastic J-handle and has only 200 grams.

Stylish umbrella could be reliable as well

Whether you choose the bubble umbrella for yourself or for your kids, always choose wisely so the product you order worths the price. More expensive could be more reliable than cheaper ones, but it is not a rule.

We recommend you to read the reviews of former customers as they often provide the real pictures (so you can see the product in reality after it comes) and do the comments about transport length and package so you can be sure the product come to you without a problem and in a reasonable time.

Best bubble umbrellas

Also be aware some colourful bubble umbrella could deprive you of the advantage to have a great see-through feature, which offers the clear ones. Still, to have the bubble umbrellas on the wedding or give it to someone as a gift is always a good idea and it is very modern.

We hope we helped with searching for the best bubble umbrella or showed you the right path to follow!

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to turn on us through the comments below the post.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Bye Renata


  • Todd Matthews

    I’ve always preferred the bubble to the classic. While they’re not as compact, I’ve always felt they simply protect better and many times, won’t even bother with the classics if there’s a bubble style around. This is even more important during harder rainstorms and over here in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region in the US, it rains here more than any other part of the country, even more than Seattle on some years. 

    • Renata

      Hello Todd,

      Thank you for your kind comment! I absolutely understand the reason you are using the bubble umbrellas than the classic ones, they are so practical. Hopefully, you will stop by before purchasing a new one so you can find some inspiration on our websites! Have a great day and enjoy the summer! Bye Renata

  • Matthew

    Bubble umbrellas are so much better to use in the rain than your standard umbrella as you can bring them down over your head more and get more cover and still be able to see where you are going

    I am just using a plain black basic umbrella at the moment but I think I will be purchasing a bubble umbrella next so I can keep dryer than I do with a normal one

    thanks for the heads up about these 🙂

    • Renata

      Hello Matthew,

      Thank you for stopping by! Nice to hear we gave you some inspiration about using the bubble umbrella than the classic one, both has its advantage of course. But better to have more umbrellas at home than none, I believe:).
      Thank you for your kind comment and have a great day! Bye Renata

  • Pentrental

    Wow bubble umbrellas are pretty chic! I see these from time to time but never put two and two together to finding out what they’re called, so I appreciate you pointing that out here. Bubble umbrellas are a fashionable way to protect yourself from the rain. I also like that they can help protect from the sun as well as I hadn’t thought of that before. Pretty ingenious to make them transparent. Of your choices I really like the European cities bubble umbrella. I’ll save your link and recommend it to some friends as well, nice post!

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment and stopping by. Bubble umbrellas look really very chic and the choice is quite large, which is good, but I would like to have 10 of them at home as I can see all those are beautiful. No, hopefully, you will pick the one you like the most and will be satisfied with your new bubble umbrella.
      Have a great day! Bye Renata

  • RoDarrick

    Very interesting post about bubble umbrella. Never knew a lot of details go into selecting a better bubble umbrella and surely I’ve learnt a great deal from this should in case I want to buy another umbrella. The options given are simply awesome especially the European cities bubble umbrella. Oh my God, it’s simply beautiful and I really like it. Thanks for this post

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment, I also admit the European cities bubble umbrellas is very beautiful, especially before visiting London to have such umbrella would be a very stylish thing, I believe.
      Hopefully, we gave you some good tips on which one to choose.
      All the best

  • Rizvee

    Hii there 

    This article is so productive because after reading this one I got to know about the benefits of double umbrella .Double umbrella can protect us from sun and rain better than a classic umbrella.So I am thinking about buying a double umbrella for myself & I will suggest my friends as well.

    Thanks a lot for sharing..

    • Renata

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment. Actually, it is a bubble umbrella, but I know, what you have mean, so no problem how you call it:). The most important thing is that you find it useful and probably we have given you some insight and inspiration to buy one.
      Have a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • gr8megawinner

    I would not argue which is the better one the bubble umbrella or the classic one. Both have their particular beautiful features and utility value. For practicality against rainfall, I would choose the nice bubble umbrella hands down because it covers most of my body than the classic umbrella. Yet as an adult way beyond the time of my youth I would choose still the classic one as it will not give me embarrassment so to speak when I brought it at conferences or business meetings. But for ordinary activity on a rainy season, I would use the balloon umbrella. So I would rather have both of them for different situations but both for the same purpose, to protect me from rain or sun. 

    • Renata

      Thank you for visiting my website! You are right everyone has its preference whether bubble or classic umbrella, for me as a woman is the best solution to have one bubble and one quality, classic umbrella at home so I could rely on the products and in case I need my head to remain fully dry, I would take the bubble one.
      Thank you for your insight and hopefully, you will come back for some umbrella recommendation later on.
      Bye Renata

  • Trevor M

    If you live where it rains then yes this is for you ! We are from BC/Alberta so we know a thing or two about rain and needing that umbrella especially the kids! Love the bubble umbrella and the artistic ideas that come with them other than just the basic umbrella! I love the clear ones ! If you’re my wife are are serious about your hair you will want the bubble to better protect you! Everyone deserves to stay dry in the rain!

    • Renata

      Hello Trevor,
      Greetings to rainy Alberta and thank you for your kind comment. I absolutely agree with the bubble umbrellas are really a great product and very suitable to women, who are sensitive about their hair, like me. So when someone wants to come from home to work and not looking like a wet chicken, it is definitely a great choice. As per our website, there is a large selection of really designed bubble umbrellas.
      Anyway, hopefully, we gave you some good tips on which umbrella to choose and we wish you a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • Mariana

    Hi Renata!
    Great post! Reading this remind me when I used to have a bubble umbrella when I was a kid. It was similar to kids bubble umbrella with unicorn design that you put in your post, but it had no unicorn, it was all see-through and I really liked that. It felt like my own shelter. 

    Maybe I will get a bubble umbrella again after reading this, but with another design, probably like the one from the cities design. I notice that the products you linked do ship to my country, which is very rare.



  • Vanissa

    I really love the bubble umbrella, it’s like a umbrella on steroids! I love the idea of it covering the head and shoulds. It looks more thought out then a regular umbrella and it says a con is it can’t be used for business meetings but yo be honest I probably wouldn’t mind! Just put it away as soon as you get to shelter. Thanks for sharing this with me I had no idea bubble umbrellas were a thing.

  • Jay

    I recently heard of this type of umbrella and I heard just how cool it was. I decided to do a little research and I am really glad I did.

    The umbrella looks so nice and it is different from the typical umbrella I make use of. 

    Your suggestions on the best bubble umbrellas are all amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. It would be a change from my regular umbrella.

    • Renata

      Hello Jay,
      This is nice of you – good that you did research before buying one, the quality of the umbrella is very important. You are right it is something different than normal, classic umbrella. In our country is it not so usual to have such umbrella, so another plus to have one:).
      Anyway, have a great summer and thank you for stopping by! Bye Renata

  • Henderson

    Fabulous post on bubble umbrellas and their benefits. I always see this umbrella around and it’s transparence makes it look like diamond to me. I never thought it was so one can bring it down enough and still see through it. That’s fabulous innovation. It’s also facinating to know that the umbrella is wind resistance. Wow! I think I should get one bubble umbrella Asap.

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment! The bubble umbrellas are still more suitable to women than man, but as a gift to your mum, sister or girlfriend it would be a great idea. Yes, normally it is more resistant against the stronger wind than an ordinary classic umbrella.
      Have a great summer and thank you for stopping by!

  • Jeff Marshall

    G’Day, Renata.

    Loved your post on the Bubble Umbrella and most of my questions were answered in the review.

    I also liked the fact that the Bubble Umbrellas are clear. I never really gave this a thought about the scenery I was missing out on with the normal umbrella until now…

    I live in Australia where it gets very windy.

    Does the Bubble Umbrella withstand very strong wind gusts compared the conventional umbrella?

    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Renata

      Hello Jeff,
      This is a great question and honestly hard to answer. The normal wind would be better to wait out with the bubble umbrella probably than the normal, classic umbrella with not much quality skeleton with less than 10 ribs. The really strong wind would wait out with the most quality bubble umbrella, but still, I believe the classic umbrella with 12 ribs and steel skeleton would serve the purpose better. Honestly, I did not try it, but if I have the experience, later on, I would let you know. Still, the most quality classic umbrella is a sure choice.
      Have a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • SeunJeremiah

    I love the built and design of the bubble umbrella because it serves as a little shelter from the head to the shoulder compared to the regular umbrella that needs to be positioned at different angle during heavy downpour and sometimes unable to withstand strong wind.thie bubble umbrella will be my best pick come rain and sun.

    • Renata

      Thank you for stopping by! You are right, the bubble umbrellas are little, a personal shelter for each user, which should be very pleasant. And to keep the head and hair dry is for me a woman very important. Good to give you some good idea about the umbrellas, hopefully, you will pick some on our website!
      Bye Renata

  • Jordan Smith

    The issue with most umbrellas is that you can’t see where you’re going ig you hold it excessively low. Be that as it may, if you hold it higher, you aren’t as shielded from the rain. The bubble umbrella ensures you can see all that you have to see while keeping you completely secured.

    Thanks for taking  time to write on this.

    • Renata

      Hello Jordan,
      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Yes, the see through the umbrella is a great feature as per my opinion. Bubble umbrellas become popular for a reason as the see-through surely is. I would prefer it before some classic one too, but not for business meetings, for those the classic ones are more suitable both for men and women.
      Have a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • Robert J Warneck


    I love the European style bubble umbrella, and would definitely get the London and Paris ones.  I do notice it says on the site women’s umbrellas, are they not also for use by me?  I do believe that I have seen men use them too?  Love the ones for children, especially that they make them strong enough to be resistant against high winds; cant tell you how nay umbrellas have been ruined due to that!

    Thank you for your description about each, so that I can get a better idea of their quality.  I will take your suggestion and check out the comments on the product as well before purchasing.


    • Renata

      Hello Robert,
      Thank you very much for your kind comment! The European style bubble umbrellas are meant to be much more suitable for women, still, if you are brave enough, you can try it as well:). But, there is a lot of stylish men umbrellas as well, altough not bubble ones.
      Hopefully, you will pick some on our website and wish you a great summer! Bye Renata

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