Best classic umbrellas

Best classic umbrellas and how to choose the right one

In the previous post, we have already written about the bubble umbrellas and why you should consider buying one. However, the classic umbrellas also remain to be very popular among their users.

On our website means classic umbrellas not much colourful, not a bubble, laced (wedding) or children umbrellas. It means the umbrellas with classic design, automatic or non-automatic, compacted or long-handled.

Classic umbrella – old school or must have?

After reading the article about modern, bubble umbrellas, you probably think why you should have or buy some classic umbrella. Classic umbrellas have a lot of fans and you cannot make a mistake to take them to a business meeting, to a wedding or just for walking through the city.

They are very universal and fits any occasion. The pros and cons of using classic and bubble umbrella you can find in our previous post.

Therefore, to have some classic umbrella at home would never be a mistake. And if the umbrella is quality one – it is a hit. The dark one is also very good in protection against the sun. But, what should be considered when choosing the right classic umbrella?

Classic umbrella’s features to be taken into consideration

First of all, you should think about whether the plain black one or some other coloured umbrella should be the right for you. There is a lot of red, blue or mixed coloured umbrellas available on the market, so this is really just up to your decision.

The next important feature should be the frame material – it should be from quality metal – steel or iron to persist stronger wind – no one wants to throw away the umbrella after first use.

The real quality umbrellas have also more than 8 ribs to keep the umbrella resistant against a strong wind so if the umbrella has 10-12 metal ribs, it should guarantee better wind resistance.

Another important feature is the opening system – there is really a difference between non-automatic, semi-automatic and fully-automatic umbrella. The manual (non-automatic) means the opening and closing is done by hand.

In case of non-automatic quality umbrellas, there is a clever feature, which allows to slightly open the umbrella without squeezing the fingers.

Semi or fully automatic means there is a button to be pushed so the umbrella opens. The fully is closed the same way- by pushing the second button. The semi-automatic is closed manually and only the opening is done by pushing the button.

More information about the opening system and why it definitely worths to be considered, you can also find here.

Our recommended classic umbrellas

Family compacted umbrella

Whether you are a man or a woman you would probably appreciate some strong, big umbrella, which could cover yourself and second person as well. If so, then we have a perfect umbrella for you: 120 cm large canopy, metal and fibre skeleton material and non-automatic (means also less change to be broken). There are 2 designs to be picked from – black and blue one.

big men umbrella

It also has a double canopy, persists the wind very well due to 10 metal ribs and the overall option to be destroyed is quite small. Due to it is manual, the opening system would not be destroyed after longer use.

And the best feature is that this umbrella is compacted!  So when there is no use, you can easily hide it in the bag or backpack! All those features make from this umbrella fantastic family umbrella!

Fully-automatic multicoloured umbrella

If you would like to have other than a black umbrella, we have a tip for you! There is also classic, fully-automatic and quite a windproof umbrella, where you can choose from several colours – black, blue, red, brown or purple.

Multicoloured umbrella

The opening and closing are done by pushing the button and it is compacted umbrella with UV protection, which makes from this umbrella very practical product.

The skeleton is made by nylon fibre with 10 strong ribs so this umbrella is quite windproof and also as per the former customer experience, is this umbrella a good choice.

Golf or fishing umbrella? Anyway, the biggest one on our site

Are you looking for some fancy umbrella for fishing, golf or just really big, family umbrella? We have one for you! You can even choose from 3 colours – black, red and blue.

This umbrella has 150 cm big canopy, the weight is 480 grams, which is not so bad and is strongly windproof, which makes from this umbrella absolutely great choice for golf or fishing as well.

big women umbrella

And you can hide there you whole family. The biggest surprise is that even this umbrella is compacted one. Also, great as the car umbrella, when you need it just when you take your shopping bag from the car to home and there is a rainstorm. It covers you very well.

Non-automatic, but stylish and reliable women umbrella

For women, whose like the classic umbrellas, we have little bit more stylish product, which has the best features, is light-weighted, but the skeleton material used makes from this umbrella very reliable product, even against the strong wind. There are 4 different designs to choose from.

Stylish women umbrella

Still, It could cover just one person and it has a non-automatic opening mechanism and very stylish plastic handle. It has also UV protection level so no worry to use it against the sun as well.

Fully automatic, ultralight women umbrella

If you are not familiar with the manual opening mechanism used e.g. in case of the previous umbrella, there is another solution – fully-automatic, very stylish compact umbrella in 3 classic colours – red, black and blue. It has only 270 grams, the frame is from metal and handle is plastic.

women classic umbrella

As it is ultralight, you cannot expect it would be windproof so much (at least not such as the big, family umbrella), but still for some little rain protection or sun protection is this umbrella a great and very fancy choice.

English style umbrella not just for businessmen

Do you desire for some real classic umbrella? Or do you have business meetings and would have some elegant umbrella to represents you? We have a great product for you!

This English style umbrella is fully-automatic, with wooden handle, which looks very elegant. The canopy is large enough to cover you and your business clothes very well.

English style classic umbrella

Its weight is 480 grams, has 10 metal ribs, which makes from this umbrella a strong windproof product. It becomes dry very fast as the canopy is strongly water repellent and it could serve as a parasol (against sun protector) as well due to UV protection.

There are 3 options to be considered when you decide to buy such umbrella – it is about the handle design – the first option is the wood imitation straight handle, or wood imitation curve handle and last one is the leather J-handle. All those are very stylish and look very elegant.

Men luxury umbrella

A lot of men would like to have more products to choose from, we have the final recommended product from the classic umbrellas category here. This one is also a luxury one, fully-automatic, available in black and blue colour.

Luxury men umbrella

This fancy, stylish umbrella has a strong, aluminium and glass fibre skeleton made from 10 ribs so it is a very reliable umbrella as well. It is suitable also as a golf umbrella for one person to be protected.

Elegant and practical umbrella

As you can see the classic umbrellas could be very elegant and practical at the same time. Anyway, this has a long tradition to wear the umbrella or parasol as an accessory both for men and women, it still remains to be an important accessory until now.

The good thing is that the material has been developed to be very strong, windproof and so reliable.

Always think about the long term usage when buying one, it worths the money to choose the really reliable and strong one so it survives the rainstorms and stronger wind, often you can use it against the sun as well (especially the dark ones).

best classic umbrellas

We hope we have represented the umbrellas you would consider to buy due to their features and design as well. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any help needed, we are here for you.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Bye Renata


  • Emmanuel Buysse

    Never been to interested in it, an umbrella is an umbrella. However, after reading this, I should consider taking it more deep. You explain the things very nice, but it is something not many people know about. So thanks a lot for sharing, when I will buy a new one, I will consider the things you’ve said in my head. 

    • Renata

      Hello Emmanuel,
      We are happy we have shown some good features you should consider before buying a new umbrella. We are here for more advice on whether you need some later on.
      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. All the best

  • Harry

    I live in England so as you can imagine, I use an umbrella quite a lot. Unfortunately, I have bought 4-5 umbrellas since the year started because most of them broke due to the winds.

    To tell you the truth, I don’t really care about the style of the umbrella, I just want a sturdy one. Which one would you recommend?

    • Renata

      Hello Harry,
      We are sad to hear you had to throw away so many umbrellas due to they did not resist the strong English wind. It is really important from which material is the umbrella made from and also the number of ribs – 12 would be an ideal number. We have 12-ribs metal umbrella, which should be strongly windproof –
      You can see the video there as well, where is the proof, this umbrella should resist strong wind. Hopefully, you will find our recommendation useful and will be finally satisfied with such umbrella.
      Thank you anyway for stopping by and have a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • Jordan Smith

    I’ve been a major fan for classic umbrellas for a long time, I used to own a classic dark one in a rainy city of my home county, I discovered its extremely durable and can even work in typhoon weather. It was astounding to keep it in amazing great condition for more than 3 years. I might want to get one of this when I move to Atlanta next month.

    Nice write-ups.


    • Renata

      Hello Jordan,
      Thank you for your kind comment in relation to classic umbrellas. I am their fan as well, to be honest, I used to have some compacted ones, not so quality, probably, therefore, I have started to be more curious about them and made this website:). Anyway, hopefully, we have recommended the right one for you as well. In case of any further advice needed, kindly let us know.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Bye Renata

  • Paul

    Renata, thanks for this informative and detailed post on the many types of umbrellas available out there. 

    I live on the “wet coast” of Canada and umbrellas are a practical and necessary piece of equipment here. I see many different shapes and designs, but I had never considered the extent of umbrella technology, until I read your post. 

    Although it is hot and sunny here today, the rainy season will soon be upon us, not to mention the odd rainshower that visits us in summer.

    I will surely keep your website in mind for my next umbrella purchase and I will also share it with a few friends as well.

    How many umbrellas do you think is sufficient for the average adult?

    Do children damage more umbrellas than adults?


    • Renata

      Hello Paul,
      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I am glad you find our post about the classic umbrellas useful for your future purchase decision and we are to help and give more advice if you need to. For average adult I would say to have at least quality 2 umbrellas – both classic or classic and bubble umbrella – both have their useful features, bubble is not much suitable for business stuff, but classic is simply classic, however need to be strong one – I believe this one would do the trick, if you live in a place, which is rainy and windy: . Bubble is suitable for women more than man and our offer of bubble umbrellas you can find here:
      If children damage more umbrellas is hard to say – this probably could be, but they much more losing the umbrellas somewhere, so I believe this is the worst part of purchasing a new umbrella for children, that it takes one use to never see it again:). Still, our children deserve to be protected from rain as well, but the umbrellas would not be luxury ones, but some basic, fun or coloured ones. You can see our whole offer of children umbrellas here:
      Have a great summer and all the best to you! Bye Renata

  • Johnny

    This is an amazing article and I learned a lot of things that I did not know about umbrellas for sure. I always keep an umbrella in my car to have handy for rain storms that often pop up here in Texas. I also use them on Sunny days to help block the sun as it is really easy to burn hear in Texas as well on those real hot summer days. I really like how you have explained the vary many options that are available here on your site and will be looking to buy a new umbrella soon with a little style. 

    Thank you,


  • Aabidah Ahmed

    A classic umbrella has the long length and oldern handle at the end, I wouldn’t say it’s too old school, because it makes you look professional in a way when you walk with it. 

    These new types of umbrellas that they are making now can be slid together and packed away in your bag. While that is great and all, the classic umbrella makes you look professional and walk with confidence. This is great for a working business woman as well.

    I still use the old fashioned classic umbrella. I just still love the look of it and the fact that you have a handle to hold on to,in the new umbrellas there’s barely something to hold onto when walking. So I prefer the old fashioned one.

    Thank you for covering this post and all the best to you.

  • Doug Phillips

    This is a very in depth post on the classic umbrella.  I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds.  

    I used to use an umbrella but I have to honestly say I haven’t for years and where I live it’s only a few times a year I would need to.  Nevertheless there is very good information for one to consider for when they are in the market to buy one.

    It really is amazing that the very largest umbrella is also compact.  lol  The last one I had is automatic and I am sure is still under the front seat of my car.  You have inspired me to get it out and make sure it is still operating okay.

    This is a subject that maybe there is a much bigger market for than I realized. Thank you for an in depth and informative article about something you obviously are an expert at.

  • AmDetermined

    Hi Reneta, your review about unbrealla makes me have more love for umbrella, I have never come across a post about umbrella, its in your post that I learn about different type of umbrella, I use to think all umbrella are the same, I have note of all your points when I want to purchase another umbrella.

  • Tom Caldwell

    I have never given much thought to umbrellas but, after reading your thoughtful, informative and well written article i take the humble umbrella much more serious. Thank you for doing the research to determine the best material, construction, strength and wind resistance. I am seriously considering the classic black. I believe the classic fully-automatic in red is the perfect chose for my wife. What umbrella would you recommend for pre-teen and teen students?

  • Snigdha Alam

    Hi Renata,

    thanks a lot for your interesting post. I live in Bangladesh. In rainy season and summer season we badly need umbrellas. From your post I got to know which sides we should take care when we want to buy umbrella. I like men luxury umbrella for my husband. You said it is available in black and blue colour. I want to buy it in blue colour. Would you please tell me what is the price of the umbrella and how can I get this umbrella? 

    Thanks again for your informative post. I will share your post to others.

    • Renata

      Hello Snigdha!
      Thank you very much for your kind comment and stopping by.
      If you like the men luxury umbrella, kindly go here: and click on “check price” button, where you can find the actual price. We are not showing them as they could differ from our producer price quite often, so we do not want to mislead our visitors. The blue one is available and the current price is 19,24 USD. I believe you will be satisfied with this one due to a very positive experience shared by former customers.
      Thank you again and in case of any further question, do not hesitate to ask.
      Bye Renata

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