Best women rain jacket: 2020 guide

Best women rain jacket: 2020 quide

Are you looking for the best women’s rain jacket? If so, you are definitely in the right place! Our 2020 guide shows you the best raincoats and best-rated women rain jackets that are offered currently on the market.

When selecting the best women’s rain jacket you should consider firstly the length of the jacket and the material the jacket is made from, secondly the color, and thirdly the cut and all over the style of the jacket. In addition, a rain jacket does not need to be boring!

On the contrary, you can pick a rain jacket that nicely fits your type of body so you can feel stylish even when wearing the rain jacket. Only check the size table carefully and if you are between sizes, ask the producer to get the right size of the rain jacket.

Let’s now look at the list of the Best women rain jacket for 2020, fasten your seat belt, it will be a ride!

#1 Water Resistant Rain Jacket

We simply have to start with this wonderful rain jacket! Available in 3 different colors – pink, blue and black – all look marvelous! The price is 45 USD including shipping on Aliexpress.

Water Resistant Rain Jacket

It has a hood and high collar. It dries fast when getting wet, it is very windproof and waterproof. The fabric is 92 % polyester and 8% spandex. It has 2 zipper pockets. This rain jacket is also highly breathable.

Water Resistant Rain Jacket

#2 New Winter Female Jacket

A very popular winter jacket, very well evaluated by former customers will make the winter days much more joyful. Available in 7 different colors. It has zipper closing, high collar, and hood, the price on Aliexpress goes around 49 USD including shipping.

New female winter jacket

The jacket has 2 convenient pockets where you can carry all the necessary things. Unique tailoring of the sleeves protects your arms and keep them warm. The main zipper is composed of two locks and has a windproof seal with the button. Great jacket, don’t you think?

New female winter jacket

#3 Diamond lightweight rain jacket

Classical and still the most popular on Amazon is this beautiful lightweight rain jacket that covers you very well from rain and wind and still looks stylish and fancy. Available in 5 different colors, you can have this rain jacket for 44 USD on Amazon plus shipping costs.

diamond lighweight rain jacket

The windproof and large removable hood can be adjusted to get the right fit and protection in inclement weather. Diamond Candy rain jacket outfitted with water-repellent technology is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities perfectly!

You can therefore wear it when you go ski, fishing, traveling, hiking, playing sports, running, camping, walking with your dog, or just for daily life.

Super soft and warm fuzzy lining make the best heat retention. Enough cotton padding will keep everywhere on your body warm and prevent heat from losing.

diamond lighweight rain jacket

#4 Packable waterproof rain jacket

This one is really cool – if you prefer having some lightweight and packable rain jacket so when no need you can easily stash it in a small bag, is this rain jacket the best choice! Available in 12 different colors could be a great companion in case of hiking, camping, and other activities.

packable waterproof rain jacket

This product could be purchased on Amazon for appr. 25 USD + shipping costs. This hooded rain jacket is made of super waterproof material, it’s lightweight, breathable, skin-friendly, comfortable to wear during every year season. It will keep you dry and is very well evaluated by former customers!

packable waterproof rain jacket

#5 ICEbear 2020 new fashion rain jacket

This is really cool product! If you want to have something special during the winter season, is this rain jacket the right product for you! You can even pick from 4 different colors – metallic, deep gray, ink blue, and black. On Aliexpress you can purchase this rain jacket for appr. 60 USD + shipping costs.

Icebear 2020 new fashion rain jacket

This long, stylish rain jacket keeps your body thin even when wearing this rain jacket. Has a windproof, ergonomic, and adjustable hood and deep-mouth pocket with zipper closing.  Knitted cuffs protect the arm from cold and wind and keep warm.

Customers evaluate this rain jacket very well, in other words, you don’t need to hesitate!

Icebear 2020 new fashion rain jacket

#6 Mountainskin women outdoor rain jacket

If you looking for a super cool, fancy, and stylish outdoor rain jacket that does not cost a fortune, this one is the one! Great, waterproof, and windproof rain jacket costs appr. 23 USD + shipping costs on Aliexpress and you can also buy one for your spouse right away.

Mountainskin women outdoor rain jacket

This jacket is available in 4 fancy colors – red, pink, blue, and green. Former customers are excited about this product, in conclusion, you should have at home as well! Ideal for hiking and camping, the main material is nylon.

This jacket keeps you dry and warm due to water-repellent nylon material, it has 3 pockets, zipper closing, and a windproof, adjustable hood. Great product for a great price and one of our most popular!

Mountainskin women outdoor rain jacket


#7 Women cycling rain jacket

This is really cool, fancy and stylish rain jacket, isn’t it? Available in 4 different colors – orange, white, green, and white, protects you very well during warmer days. While being water and wind protected, this jacket is made from breathable material so you won’t even sweat. You can have it on Amazon for appr. 40 USD + shipping.

women waterproof rain jacket

This rain jacket has a waterproof zipper, is made from 100 % polyester, is water-repellent, lightweight, and packable. Breathable fabric and ventilation system in the back help keep you cool and dry when cycling.

It has 5 pockets! One back pocket, two hand pockets with zippers and two inner pockets securely store your items like a 6.5″ mobile phone! It has even a hood with an adjuster. What a product!

women waterproof rain jacket

#8 City walking sporty rain jacket

If you are looking for some stylish, lightweight sporty looking rain jacket, we have one for you! Available in 3 beautiful colors, is this rain jacket available on Amazon for appr. 29 USD + shipping costs.

Made from partially polyester and spandex, is this rain jacket a great companion during city walking, walking in nature, hiking or camping.

city walking sporty rain jacket

In this rain jacket, you will look sweet and stylish, we assure you that! This rain jacket is waterproof and windproof, has an adjustable hood and elastic cuffs. You can also use two side pockets to hide your stuff. There is a zipper closure.

city walking sporty rain jacket

#9 Spring autumn rain jacket

This is a very popular kind of rain jacket all over and you can have those for the only appr. 23 USD + shipping on Aliexpress! Available in 3 beautiful colors – army green, blue and black, you will look nice and fancy in this jacket!

spring autumn rain jacket

It has double closing – zipper and button, adjustable hood, deep-mouth pockets, and adjustable waist. The length is to the middle of the thigh and it makes a very nice looking body shape! In other words, this is a product you cannot do a mistake with, we assure you that!

spring autumn rain jacket

#10 Ultralight women rain jacket

Did you notice this kind of rain jacket? Those became really popular nowadays and we cannot blame them as they are super light, breathable and even packable. You can have those in a lot of different colors for a great price – appr. 16 USD on Aliexpress!

utralight women rain jacket

Former customers evaluate this product very well and it is one of the most popular products among women’s rain jackets! It could be worn in office clothes and you will look fancy and stylish, or you can wear it for outdoor sports and it makes you a great service!

It has zipper closing, an adjustable hood, has 2 side pockets. The material is breathable polyester. It also makes a slim body. Allover great products for a great price and we love it! Hopefully, you do as well.


utralight women rain jacket

#11 Elegant lightweight rain jacket

If you are looking for an office style rain jacket, you don’t need to search anymore – this is a great product that could satisfy your needs! Available in 6 different colors with adjustable hood and waist, is this product a hit!

Especially among Amazon customers, that paid for it appr. 40 USD + shipping! What a product!

elegant lightweight rain jacket

This rain jacket is made from a highly breathable and water-resistant material, which is polyester and spandex. Is suitable for all seasons, waterproof, quick-drying, and easily packable.

Suitable also for outdoor sports, not suitable for heavy rain weather. This rain jacket has 2 pockets, has a zipper and button closing. Definitely recommended by us, Amazon, and its customers!

elegant lightweight rain jacket

#12 Outdoor breathable rain jacket

Very similar to the previous product, but more for outdoor sports is this beautiful and very popular rain jacket! Available in 11 different colors, you can have this rain jacket for appr. 40 USD + shipping on Amazon.

outdoor breathable rain jacket

This rain jacket has double protection closure – zipper and button. It is a lightweight rain jacket made from Polyester and Spandex. It is a skin-friendly material, easy to wear. This long trench coat is warm and long enough to shield you from the wind and cold weather.

Suitable for summer wearing, it has a breathable design on the back so no worry to get sweat in warmer weather. Elastic waist design can fit your waistline and shaping a slim body, and the 2 front utility pockets can keep your hands warm on a cold day or hold all kinds of things.

#13 Colourful rain jacket

This rain jacket is really very nice. If you are tired of plain colored rain jackets, this could be the solution for spring and autumn walking, hiking or city walking. You can also pick from 4 different colors so anybody can choose the one he likes. The best thing is that the price on Aliexpress is the only appr. 14 USD including shipping!

colourful rain jacket

This is a women rain jacket with an adjustable hood, with a zipper closing. Former customers really like this item so we believe you should have one at home too! The material is polyester, it will protect you against wind and light rain very well. There are 2 side pockets as well.colourful rain jacket

#14 Running rain jacket

Another cool item is this light, running rain jacket with camouflage design – you can choose from several designs for women as well as for men, but all looks very nice and unique. If you are wondering about the price, don’t worry, you have those on Aliexpress for appr. 13 USD including shipping costs!

Running rain jacket

The jacket is made from polyester, has an adjustable waist and zipper closing. There are also 2 side pockets. You can use it during cycling, running, or hiking, of course.

Running rain jacket

#15 Printed waterproof rain jacket

This printed waterproof rain jacket is a very nice item among the other, plain ones, don’t you think? It is a skin-friendly, hooded jacket with quality zipper closing. It definitely brights rainy days for 40 USD plus shipping on Amazon. 
printed waterproof rain jacket

This rain jacket is lightweight, beautiful, elegant, and fashionable. Stylish mesh lining design makes you thin and comfortable when you wear it. This lightweight rain jacket has a durable water repellent finish so it keeps you dry in rain and snow. printed waterproof rain jacket

#16 Packable printed raincoat

This fantastic elegant printed raincoat is really a great item on our list! Made from polyester, have two side pockets, an adjustable hood, and zipper closure. To get this one, you have to spend appr. 60 USD on Amazon plus shipping costs. But, it worths the price!

packable waterproof rain coat

It could be also easily stashed in the bag in case of no need. Great for city walking and hiking. Very breathable material makes you feel really well in this raincoat that could protect you reliably from wind and light rain.

packable waterproof rain coat

In conclusion, having some stylish and practical rain jacket does not mean you need to look ugly. The above-listed rain jackets and raincoats are the ones that make you perfectly protected during hiking, city walking, or running, and at the same time, you will look stylish and elegant!

Some of the above-listed products cost quite a lot, some of them surprisingly not, but if you would like to have a quality product, you should grab for a more expensive item for sure.

Or, you can decide to have more than one product at home and buy more rain jackets right away – one for running, another e.g. for hiking in colder weather. Whatever you decide to do, with the women rain jackets listed above, you won’t be sorry for purchasing it.

best women rain jacket: 2020 guide

Don’t forget to read carefully former customers’ reviews so you can avoid bad purchases or you can be more careful about the size you are picking, sometimes it is not so easy to pick the correct size.

Need some umbrella to complete your outfit for windy days? Check our previous blog post about the best windproof umbrellas for 2020!

We wish you a pleasant time picking the best women rain jacket and in case of any question, do not hesitate to turn on us via comment below the post, we are here to help and advise!

Thank you for visiting our website!







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