how to choose children's umbrella

Children´s umbrellas: more fun than expected

When you go through our children´s umbrellas selection you might think you would like to be a child again: so many options, colours, designs all over. But, when you are a parent you also probably think which one to choose so your children are protected against rain and wind.

Here comes the question, whether non-automatic or automatic umbrella, long-handle or the compact one, classic or bubble umbrella. Let’s help you with your decision a little bit.

Compacted or long-handled umbrella?

Many of you would probably think the compact umbrellas are so practical. You can hide them any time you need and they are usually more lightweight than the long handle umbrellas.

However, the protection against strong wind and rain would not be as reliable as needed, so from this point of view, the long-handle umbrella seems to be more suitable.

Kids rain umbrella

For longer trips, when the rain is just an option, the compact umbrella is a probably good choice, but let´s be honest – in such cases, kids raincoats are a more suitable and more practical solution, especially for little children.

For bigger children, there is a lot of compact umbrellas, just to pick some. You find some tips below as well.

Bubble or classic umbrella?

Bubble umbrellas have become more and more popular and it is not only due to the fantastic design offered by the producers but also due to the fact they are so practical, as during rainy days your head remains dry – is it not worth it to buy such umbrella? Anyway, a great tip as a present for children – the transparent ones with animals would definitely make the children happy!

The only disadvantage could be they are not produced as a compact umbrella so you cannot stash them so easily in case you need to. Kids transparent umbrella

Still, classic umbrellas are not a bad choice as there are a lot of great designs for umbrellas for kids. They are also suitable for bigger children (more suitable than bubble umbrellas).

But, choose carefully a quality one, which will cover your children reliably. When you pick a fancy umbrella, always look at the frame material, the size of the canopy and read the reviews of former buyers.

Manual or automatic mechanism?

Finally, you should definitely consider the opening mechanism. It is very important to be sure the umbrella has a user-friendly opening mechanism and it does not squeeze your child’s fingers every time they use it.

You can avoid this when you choose the fully or semi-automatic umbrella, but there are, unfortunately, a lot of children’s umbrellas,  which have a non-automatic opening system.

Frozen umbrella

We have done our research on the best children’ s umbrellas and here we come with our recommendation. If you are interested in seeing our whole selection, kindly look here.

Best kids umbrellas

We recommend: Cute cartoon umbrella

The reviews say this umbrella would be the right choice! You can choose from 5 available designs. Due to it being a bubble umbrella it is also very reliable against rain and wind. It is a non-automatic umbrella, and only weighs 200 grams! Also, it is a good present for the children and can be used from the age of 2 and on.

Children cute umbrella

We recommend: Transparent, classic umbrella

Maybe you are looking for classic, but transparent umbrella – those look so cool, right? We have a great item for you: long-handled, non-automatic umbrella, with animal pictures – a great choice for your child indeed. Makes from rainy morning smiley morning without a doubt! Available in 6 designs.

Fashion kids umbrella

We recommend: Captain America compact umbrella

Yes, we really offer such umbrellas! And not only one design, but many! Can you imagine how cool it would be to have one? This classic (means it is not a bubble umbrella) is non-automatic, but still user-friendly and compact. More suitable for bigger children, but still so cool!

Captain america umbrella

We recommend: Little prince compact umbrella

Stylish, compact, sun protector – this is Little prince umbrella. Although non-automatic, still the mechanism is children friendly. You can choose from several colour variations and the design is really cute. Practical and light-weight so when the rain comes from time to time you could easily stash them into the bag or backpack.

little prince umbrella

We recommend: Bubble unicorn automatic umbrella

As mentioned before, bubble umbrellas have become very popular due to their practical side. But a transparent one with unicorns or doughnuts? What a hit! They are always long-handled, but in case the rain is forecasted for the whole day you can be quite sure your child will be reliably protected.

This one is semi-automatic, which is ideal as the opening is done by pushing a button and closing is done manually. You can choose from 4 different designs. Definitely a must-have for your child!

unicorn bubble umbrella

Have fun and don’t hesitate to ask

In this time when there are a lot of possibilities, you are facing the decision about which umbrella would be the right one for your child. Our goal is to show you the best ones we offer so the decision process will be easier. Hopefully, we helped you find the right path.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to turn to us through the comments below the post.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Bye Renata


  • Gillian

    What a nice unique article to read on. We all know about umbrella, but i just know the “regular umbrella” that we all know:). Reading through your article gives me an “ahh that is how it’s called” moment.

    I would probably choose the automatic unicorn umbrella for my daughter. She will definitely love it.

    • Renata

      Hello Gillian,

      Thank you for your kind comment. I agree with you the bubble one with the unicorn is a fantastic choice. This is actually how the children´s umbrella should be – automatic, beautiful, great protection function

      Thank you for stopping by anyway and have a great time!

      Bye Renata

  • Dave

    Nice article, and well documented. You should probably mention the fact grown up kids will also like the Captain America design 🙂 I’m pretty sure with Marvel being this hot atm geeks would also be very interested in this. Personally I’m not that big on marvel but I still like the design.

    • Renata

      Hello Dave, I am absolutely amazed about the Captain Marvel umbrellas, they are so cool! My friend (age 33) actually told me once she would buy one for herself and as she is in the same age and the same Marvel fan as me we would probably buy those for us without any problem:). This times it wouldn´t be such surprise I think. Anyway, for teenagers and geeks without a doubt and it is a great present tip as well.

      Thank you for your kind comment and have a great summer!

      Bye Renata

  • Igor

    HI Renata!

    I came across your site and post. I like it a lot because it is always a hot topic. 

    So many times our kids lost or just forgot their umbrella on various places and came home totally wet. With the choices, you listed on your post every kid can get a great idea what kind of umbrella to buy. Especially parents. Having more umbrellas at home available for kids is probably a must for many families.

    Kids like colored and fashion stuff. But, the foremost important factor is rain protection. If combined with the right fashion, it is a “runner” for kids.

    Besides, technical and practical issues are also as important as any other feature. Thus, finding the right umbrella for kids is perfect solutions for their protection from the rain.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post,

    Best regards,

    • Renata

      Hello Igor, Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment.

      Good point about leaving the umbrellas on various places, you are absolutely right, I was on the same page when I was a child. Pity, there were not so nice umbrellas to choose, just simple ones as far as I remember. The right choice is really about functionality and the design altogether, I absolutely agree.

      Thank you again and have a nice sunny day!

      Bye Renata

  • Tru2yu

    I have become a new parent of three children within the last three years. This site caught my eye as fun and creative which will, in my opinion, generate a lot of good traffic because children are going to like this.  One thing a single parent tries to do is create activities or anything for kids to be a part in and I believe you have a good niche for that reason. 

    • Renata

      Hello, Thank you very much for your kind comment, I am so happy you like my website and hopefully you will find something interesting among offered goods for your children.

      Have a great summer and thank you again for stopping by!

      Bye Renata

  • Matthew

    I have tried for years to get my children to use an umbrella in he rain but they always refuse or if they do take it I end up carrying it myself

    They are boys though and we all know hat boys just love to be playing in the rain even if it is tipping down or raining cats and dogs

    Maybe if if buy them one of these cool looking children’s umbrellas perhaps they might keep them over their heads, lol

    ill let you know what happens 🙂

    • Renata

      Hello Matthew,

      Thank you for your kind comment, it would be interesting to see what e.g. Captain America umbrellas do with your boys, maybe you can try it one-day :). Hopefully, you will share your experience with us anyway. We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

      Anyway, thank you for stopping by and have a great summer!

      Bye Renata


    From a very young age, classic and transparent umbrellas have always been appealing to me. They were downright beautiful, extraordinary and very colorful.

    I love anything that stands out attractively, and these two types of umbrellas definitely fulfill those conditions.

    Wow, the cartoon and captain America are also irresistible😍😍😍

    Damn…Your article is jam-packed with amazing umbrellas for kids. Good job on this one. wow. I was moved indeed.

    • Renata


      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on the children’s umbrella. I would buy some just to have those colourful, designed umbrellas at home, they are really cute, I agree. The transparent ones are absolute must-have, especially for children.

      Have a nice day!

      Bye Renata

  • Jason

    Interesting discussion of the different types of umbrellas.  Like a previous commenter, I never thought much about the different types – there was just “regular umbrella.”

    I don’t have kids, but a good friend has three rowdy boys.  I want to get them automatic-opening umbrellas because I can just imagine them “zapping” each other with them!

    • Renata

      Hello Jason,

      Your comment is so funny, thank you for it, I can imagine that as well:). Children are so creative when it comes to using some tools to hurt each other, even umbrellas:).

      Thank you anyway for stopping by and have a great summer!

      Bye Renata

  • Shannon

    I wish my kids would learn how not to lose umbrellas I used to buy them the whole set of rain boots, jacket, and umbrella of whatever theme they’d like. Usually, Disney or Nickelodeon theme and they would never come back home with the umbrellas. It wouldn’t matter if it was the compact type that can attach to their jackets they would always say I forgot or I lost it which usually means some other child lifted it.

    I love the bubble type see-through umbrellas those are the best types in my opinion. I used to love my umbrella as a child I thought it made me grown. ahaha

    You bought back a lot of memories with this one! Great post and thanks for sharing.


    • Renata

      Hello Shannon, thank you for your comment and a nice insight into your childhood memories about umbrellas. Hopefully, your children will learn to keep their umbrella, probably when they grow up:). Thank you for stopping by and have a great summer!

      Bye Renata

  • Daniel

    Hello Renata,

    Very interesting article. My kids are 8 and 9 years old and they always want some creative and nice designed umbrella. I would buy the ones with a manual opening because I can see when I buy one with automatic opening it break up fast. You give some great suggestions so I will let them choose which one they want. Thank you for sharing.

    • Renata

      Hello Daniel,
      Thank you for your kind comment! I am glad you have found some interesting tips on which umbrellas to buy for your children, this is the goal we have with this website. Thank you for stopping by and have a great summer!

      Bye Renata

  • JJ

    Hi Renata, thank you for these examples of umbrellas for kids. My granddaughter does not take proper care of her umbrella, and I am now thinking that maybe she would be more careful if her umbrella had one or more of those dainty features and colours. It would be nice to get her a cartoon umbrella that is automatic, and is compact. I am sure she would be delighted. Do you know how long they are expected to last ?…a general idea

    • Renata


      Thank you for your comment! I believe when your granddaughter get some beautiful umbrella (the unicorn compact umbrella with the fully automatic opening system you can find here it could last a long time. As per the reviews is this umbrella really nice and made from quality material. Hopefully, you will pick on on our websites.

      Wish you great summer and thank you for stopping by!

      Bye Renata

  • Laura

    Hi Renata, who would have thought about umbrellas for kids? I was searching for gifts to give my grandkids and ran across your site. 

    I like the idea of a sun protector umbrella but the clear bubble ones are so cool. With so many options you make it hard to choose. 

    So I am going to get one sun protector and one bubble. Now that should solve my dilemma. And my grandkids will love them I am sure. 

    Thanks for your help. I love it.

    • Renata

      Hello Laura,

      Happy we have helped with the decision on which umbrella to choose for your grandkids. We believe they will love those you have chosen!

      Have a great time and thank you for stopping by!

      Bye Renata

  • R.J.

    Hey Renata, great post. I didn’t know there were so many umbrella choices for kids, I’d be worried about being on the page and not picking anything because of the many choices there are. However, your information is awesome and I’ve been thinking about getting another umbrella for some time now so your information was right on time!

    • Renata


      Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, there is a lot of choices for children and is really fun to go through all the products and see what is now available. I believe you can find some great umbrella on our side and I wish you a great time during choosing the right one!

      Thank you for stopping by and in case of any assistance need, kindly let us know. We will happy to help!

      Bye Renata

  • Twack Romero

    I think umbrellas for children should come with the same feature as your mobile phone, so when they lose them, you get the picture. For sure, it would be the unicorn brolly for our daughter. Very clever that the best all round one also comes with the design that is guaranteed to make your child want one. Previous purchases have proved to be poor choices on our part as the reliability of the umbrella as been suspect. Now at last we have some great recommendations to be able to make a good choice. As a parent we sometimes overlook the obvious, which is he ability of the child to be able to operate things easily. Excellent how you have managed to detail this in your reviews.

    • Renata


      Thank you for visiting our page and your kind comment. We are happy to recommend the best on the marketing so hopefully, you will choose eventually some nice umbrella for your daughter so she will be happy every time she would need to use it – this is the purpose of our website, also for adults:).

      Have a great summer and hopefully, you will stop by later on as well.

      Bye Renata

  • Sondra M

    What a great article!   Originally, I was looking for a small compact umbrella that could easily fit in a backpack. Yet the transparent umbrella with frogs is so cute, that I’m thinking it would be fun to keep multiple umbrellas on hand.   Even as an adult, it would be fun to use one of these umbrellas.  If the kids like the umbrellas they will look forward to getting to use the umbrella.    Thanks! 

    • Renata

      Hello Sondra,

      Thank you very much for your kind comment, I would buy some for me as well, the children ones are so cute, you are right. So, hopefully, our website will help you to choose the right one!

      Thank you for stopping by and have a great summer.

      Bye Renata

  • Stella

    My choice of umbrella is the one with light weight,potable, small handle, bubble and transparent umbrella that can protect my kid from either rain or sun. The current umbrella my kid is using looks like the bubble unicorn automatic umbrella. But its  handle can be regulated . It is semi automatic. The only cons is that the handle can’t be shortened again due to unexpected fiction. My kid did not like it again but I have promised him I will get another one for him. One of your recommendation would help.

    • Renata

      Hello Stela,

      Thank you for your kind comment, we are glad we helped you with the decision which umbrella to choose for your kid!

      Have a great summer and thank you for stopping by!

      Bye Renata

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