Most popular children’s raincoats

Most popular children’s raincoats

Have you ever seen the child in raincoat? If so, you can probably think they look so nice in the raincoat, especially in some colored ones.

Luckily, there is a lot of children’s raincoats to be chosen from, which is great as they are very cute and practical.

Whether it is a girl of a boy, there are a lot of cute children’s raincoats online – cartoons, camouflage, hoody, transparent, dotted – anything you can imagine.

best children raincoats

If you do not want to buy a children’s umbrella due to you are afraid your child loses it or simply you think children’s umbrellas are not quality and practical enough to keep your child dry, buying a raincoat is certainly a great move!

Although we have a lot of great children’s umbrellas on our website, we would also recommend buying the children’s raincoat, especially if you have a small child, who likes playing in the rain!

If you like some of the raincoats below, just click on the picture of the raincoat and you will be redirected to the raincoat details on our website! There, you can find details about the raincoat itself as well where you can buy it!

How to measure your child

Before you start to pick some kids raincoat, you should measure your child. Each producer has a different size chart, so you should always know the size of your child – height, length of the clothing, chest, and sleeve.

Sometimes there is also the age of the child considered for the correct size of the raincoat.

Also, be aware there are some small measurement differences, mainly 2-3 cm, so consider this especially in the case you will not be able to decide about the correct size.

If you have the sizes of your child written down, let’s move to our selection of the most practical and same time the cutest raincoats for your child!

Kids poncho raincoat

Let’s start with very fancy, hoody poncho/raincoat for children from 90 cm – 145 cm.

There are 4 designs to be chosen from and the hoody is designed differently for each color – pink has rabbit hood, green has a frog hood, yellow has cow hood and blue has Koala hood.

waterproof kids raincoat

This is a very fancy raincoat, which looks nice on the child.

The main material is Nylon. This raincoat is water-resistant and per the reviews of former customers, the colors fit the pictures and delivery is quite fast.

If you follow the sizing instruction, you should get a very fancy, quality and cute kid raincoat!

Transparent kids raincoat

If you looking for a transparent raincoat, you are in the right place – even for smaller children from 75 cm, this one is very chic!

Transparent children raincoat

The material is formaldehyde-free, semi-permeable, matt, breathable and comfortable – this is, what you should expect from really quality kids raincoat.

As a plus, this raincoat has a spire hood, which looks original.

Children’s waterproof poncho

This is really a high tech raincoat/poncho in our selection – as you can see it has a transparent shield on the hood, which makes from this raincoat very practical clothing.

There are 3 designs to be chosen from and the sizes are suitable for children in 1 – 10 years old.

Children's waterproof poncho

It is delivered in a practical bag, the material is nylon, which makes from this raincoat impermeable, stylish rainwear.

In the back of the raincoat there is animal based on the color chosen – for red – giraffe, for blue: fish and for yellow – zebra.

Boy’s raincoat

For boys, we have selected this cool raincoat with Spiderman and Captain America design. If they are Marvel’s fan, they definitely appreciate it.

Disney cartoon raincoat

This raincoat is made for children from 90 – 160 cm, so it is really suitable for bigger children as well.

The material is plastic, however, as per the former customers’ experience is the quality of this raincoat very high.

Former customers also declare the real colors of this raincoat are like on the pictures.

Kid’s camouflage raincoat

We will stay in the boy’s style for a while now – this blue, camouflage raincoat is very popular and looks so stylish.

The material is polyester, and as per the producer is this raincoat waterproof and windproof, it dries quickly.

Children's camouflage raincoat

As per the former customers, it smells a little bit due to used material, however, it serves still very well in the light drizzle. It is not suitable for heavier rain. You can use it also as a lightweight jacket.

Fancy children raincoat

This raincoat is super cute and fancy! Available in 2 colors – pink and blue and suitable for children from 6 to 13 years old.

What is the best part – it has a transparent bag for the school bag, which is very practical. Even if is necessary to hide the school bag as well, still is the outfit so fancy and cool.

Fancy girl's raincoat

The material is nylon, which makes this product breathable, waterproof and it even has an inflatable hood! This means it covers the head very well. This closure is done by the buttons.

In general, the is raincoat either suitable for outdoor plays in windy and rainy weather, either for camping and hiking.

Cartoon cute raincoat

Very similar to the previous one, but here with the animal design we present the Cartoon cute raincoat – available in 4 designs – pink is with rabbit design, green with frog design, blue with hippo design and yellow with bee design.

All are very cute and this product also includes the bag for the school bag, always with the main animal as per the color.

Cartoon cute raincoat

It has been made from very quality and waterproof material, suitable for bigger children from 110 – 150 cm. The material is polyester, it is button-up, and per the former customers is this raincoat beautiful and quality one.

Too much joy with a kid raincoat

We believe that choosing the kids raincoat is really a joyful activity. After measuring your still growing child, you can really choose a great item and have a joyful feeling each time the kid uses it.

And what about your child? Whether likes playing in rain or not, the raincoat is a product, which is useful during traveling, camping, hiking so there is a lot of occasions it could be subjected to rain and wind.

We recommend to choose some raincoat from a breathable material like nylon and look for such features as is the waterproof cover for school bag and inflatable hood for a better cover of the child.

Hopefully, we have selected the raincoats you would appreciate and in case of any further question, do not hesitate to contact us in the comment below the post.

Bye Renata


  • Charles

    Wow those raincoats are so cool! I didn’t have clothes like that when I was young. Sometimes when I am out walking at the Arboretum and it is a little rainy I see the kids in the raincoats like this. Your website is a lot of fun. The Umbrellas also look really cool. Next time I need a new umbrella I will come here. The other day I was out for a walk and it started raining really heavy. I was actually planning on taking a shower when I got home anyway so I didn’t mind but sometimes umbrella can be good. Are you superstitious about umbrellas?

    • Renata

      Hello Charles,
      Thank you for your kind comment! I am actually not superstitious about umbrellas, in our country we do not have such in our country actually. Anyway, the raincoats are really cool, I agree with you totally. We are happy to show you some cool umbrellas so hopefully, you will choose one on our website, we are here to help in case of any further question! Bye Renata

  • Krystyn Silva

    Oh my, the first raincoat you have listed is exactly what I am looking for! We get a lot of rain here in the South and this rain coat will make the perfect gift for my friend’s little girl, thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to bookmark this for jackets for my boys as well. Especially with school starting, they are good to have! 

    • Renata

      Dear Krystyn,

      Thank you very much for stopping by! You are right, the raincoats are so great for children as do not appreciate to holding the umbrella, especially during their play – and for the way to and from school are the raincoats definitely a great solution. In case you would need some help during choosing the right one, just let us know in the comment or via chatbox!
      Have a great summer and thank you for your kind comment! Bye Renata

  • Snigdha Alam

    Hi Renata,
    Thanks for giving us this kind of different useful article.
    Raincoat is very useful in our daily life specially in the rainy season .The writer mentioned some superb beautiful raincoats with full of details .In my point of view l like Kid’s camouflage raincoat mostly because it is made by polyester, and as per the producer is this raincoat waterproof and windproof, it dries quickly which is very good to see.I really enjoyed this article

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment and stopping by! We are happy to show the best children´s umbrellas, those are very practical and nice. The camouflage one is very beautiful and special, suitable mainly for boys. The material used is also the best one for such clothing, so it would be a great choice, definitely! Hopefully, you come back to our website to choose one. Have a great summer! Bye Renata

  • Abayomi

    Excellent article, Children like something nice like raincoat because they can not handle umbrella and keep it safe, this review is wonderful, having different types to choose from,I know my boy will like something like this, spiderman raincoat, for boys, we have selected this cool raincoat with Spiderman and Captain America design. If they are Marvel’s fan, they definitely appreciate it, I agree with that, it will be like a toy to him, what a wonderful product. Thanks for sharing

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment! We absolutely agree the Captain America and Spiderman raincoats are fantastic and could be loved by the boys, who love Marvel comics. They are also from good material and can serve very well! So this is definitely a smart choice for your kid! Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! Bye Renata

  • AirplaneJane

    Renata all the options of raincoats out there is impressive. My one question is do you offee rain boots to match? My two little ones adore their rain boots ans having some to match the raincoats would be great.

    • Renata

      Hello Jane,
      Thank you for stopping by! Yes, we are offering the rain boots, actually working on matching them to the right raincoat, but this will be done very soon. Thank you for a great idea with matching the rain boots, this should go hand in hand definitely. Thank you again for visiting our website and hopefully you will visit our website later on to check the rain boots matched to the selected rain coats!
      Bye Renata

  • GinoChen

    If I have a child now, I will definitely consider buying a raincoat for him. These raincoats are too special and look good. They will also choose a raincoat that fits the size of the child. The things sold inside are really practical and not tacky.I believe that if a child sees such a raincoat, he will definitely want to own one.The layout of the article is very comfortable, and with the bright pictures, I want to continue to understand this product, the page is very simple and powerful.

    • Renata

      Thank you for your insight and for visiting our website! We are happy to show the best children’s raincoats, especially for that reason they are so cute and beautiful, most of the children appreciate quality, breathable raincoat, we believe – and their parents as well. We are here to help in case of any further help needed. Have a great summer! Bye Renata

  • Ben Zas

    Those are absolutely adorable raincoats. Especially I loved the Spiderman and Captain America, I just need to decide what to buy for my son now 🙂 Too bad the rain season is a bit far away though, but you can never be too ready I guess… 🙂

    Could you please share a link where I can get a couple of those, I would like the pink-rabbit for my daughter (4yr) and Spiderman for a boy (3yr).

    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Renata

      Hello Ben!
      Thank you for stopping by! We are happy to present some colourful raincoats for your kids – just click on the picture to go to the page, where you can find another information and the link, where you can buy them. We are always trying to pick the best one with a lot of former customer reviews so you can be sure the one you pick is the best one. Have a great day!
      Bye Renata

  • crownwole

    A debt of gratitude is in order for this helpful article. I like the manner in which that you unveil the basic things to think about childrens waterproof shell from their size and tallness. I figure I will lean toward waterproof poncho for my kids in light of the yellow and blue shading and the engraving of star on it. Additionally due to the innovative. I truly appreciate this post.

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment, we are happy to provide some useful information on how to pick the right raincoat for your kid! We have also rain boots so if you need some, just check our offer here Kids rain boots , we will put directly the suitable rain boots to each of the raincoats. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and we wish you a great summer! Bye Renata

  • Aly

    This is an adorable collection of children’s raincoats and very useful information in order to ensure the right fit. Children can really enjoy being outside no matter what the weather, and it’s great that these children’s raincoats will allow them to have more time outside (even on rainy days) while staying as dry as possible!

    • Renata

      Hello Aly,
      We are so happy you like our article about children´s raincoats! We are doing our best to add new raincoats regularly so hopefully once you will find some for your or your friend´s child, you will turn on us! Have a great rest of summer and thank you for your kind comment! Bye Renata

  • RoDarrick

    Omg! My son would totally fall in love with either the Superman or captain America’s rain coats. In fact, he may not allow me to remove it from him because of his delight. He loves superheroes a lot and being the fact that this has the drawing of them, he would dall in love with it. I actually like the way you have given ways to which we can measure the rain coat and to get perfect size for our kids. Thanks for this

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment and for stopping by! We absolutely understand why your son loves superheroes and therefore the Superman and Captain America raincoat, they look so great and cute! What´s more – they will protect your son very reliably during playing in the rainy days, so it is a great choice for your child. And in case the rain boots required as well, kindly look at our selection of the rain boots as well: Kids rain boots – you probably find some suitable for your son too. If you need more advice on measurement, just let us know, we are here to help! Have a great day! Bye Renata

  • Hi Joyce

    I really liked your site.  Wonderful pictures and children’s expressions.  I especially liked the dog raincoats and the colorful rain boots.  I’m glad you have a “we recommend” section.  You have alot of interest, knowledge, and fulfill a need too.  Are there different size doggy coats?  Also, do you show the listing for shipping? Thanks again, Krista

    • Renata

      Hello! Thank you for visiting our website! We are happy you like it! In relation to doggie raincoats – just click on the picture of the raincoat you like, it will redirect you to the item details and if you decide to buy one, just click on the “check price” button and you will find whatever you need in relation to the selected raincoat.
      Thank you for stopping by and in case of any further question, just leave us a comment or contact us via chatbox. Bye Renata

  • Henderson

    Raincoats are truly a joyful thing for the kids because it helps them have the freedom of not holding anything while playing in the rain and at the same time not having to get worried about getting wet. Soin my own opinion I this k when getting a coat for a child, we should endeavor to get one a little bigger because our kids are growing and within a fee months, the coat might be smaller for them. Great post.

    • Renata

      You are absolutely right – the selected raincoat should be a little bit (but not so much) bigger due to it takes some time until you get it from the producer and children grow so fast, so for you to have it a long time, it is definitely great advice to choose a bigger size. Anyway, thank you for your insight and stopping by and we wish you a great rest of the summer. Bye Renata

  • Darren

    I love the most popular childrens raincoat post.  How do I get these I need to get them for my Niece.  The pink raincoat in the image looks lovely.  Can these be purchased?  We are in the United Kingdom could they be shipped to UK?  How much do the Childrens Raincoat cost please?

    • Renata

      Hello Darren!
      Thank you for your kind comment and for visiting our website! We are happy you like our article about the best children´s raincoats! The pink one is possible to be purchased – just click on the picture within the post and you will be redirected to the product details on our website. Here you can find all the details including, where to buy it and what is currently the price! It is surely possible to ship it to the UK, it should be there in 20 days. Thank you again for stopping by and have a great rest of the summer! Bye Renata

  • Carol5162

    The design of children’s raincoat has really taken a new shape. The brands now put efforts in designing the raincoats that are loved by children.

    Those are very precise measurements to consider before buying a raincoat. I wouldn’t want to purchase one only to find that it is too small. The transparent raincoat is so cool. I love that the kid’s clothes can still be seen, especially if they love to show them off.

    The boys’ raincoats are also lovely. The brand really put a lot of details on the raincoat to reflect the boy’s superheros. How cool!

    Thank you for highlighting these raincoats. 

    • Renata

      Hello Carol!
      Thank you for visiting our website and your kind comment! We absolutely agree the children´s raincoats get a new shape and are so cure and practical in one. The measurement is definitely essential, the only thing is that children grow quite fast, but still there is a lot of different raincoats to be purchased for each age period of child. Anyway, thank you again for stopping by and have a great day! Bye Renata

  • AmDetermined

    Hi,your post is very unique and educating because it talks about children belongings one of them is raincoats.

    Be it a boy or a girl this raincoat is always beautiful on them when i see them wear it, 

    I also have a boy who is handsome with it, but his choice of rain coat will be of the spider man because he is a fan of spider man.

    I will measure him and send you a reply of his measurement privately. For other parent to also make their child happy I will be sharing your post on my social media for make a choice of design for their kids.

    • Renata

      Thank you for your lovely comment! We are so glad you like our selection of the raincoats and we will be happy to help you with the right size selection! Just let us know the sizes and we will advise which size to choose. Thank you for sharing our website with your friends, this is very important and very really appreciate your kind help! Thank you for stopping by and hopefully, we will hear from you soon! Bye Renata

  • Valuelove

    Hi, Wow!, These are so lovely raincoat and this good article. My country is in the rainy season and I may think to buy one  (Boy’s raincoat) for my son lol:). I like both styles of the Boy’s raincoat here, May I know how much does it cost about? thanks for sharing.

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind insight and for visiting our website! The price range of the boy’s raincoats is between 10 – 18 USD based on which features and sometimes the design as well – the comics design is more expensive, but the camouflage raincoat costs around 11 USD. If you like to know more about the selected raincoat, just click on the picture and you will come to the product details on our website. After click on “Check price”, you will be redirected to our producer site, where you can see the actual price. As the prices differ from time to time and sometimes are lower due to some occasion, we are not showing them right away so we do not want to mislead our customers. Anyway, thank you again for stopping by and we wish you a great day! Bye Renata

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