Quick guide: cool unique umbrellas

Quick Guide: cool unique umbrellas for 2020

Are you the kind of person that appreciates cool unique umbrellas or unusual umbrella designs instead of the classic shape and classic umbrella designs? Whether you are this kind of person or not, you can read further to see cool unique umbrellas that could brighten any rainy day!

Umbrellas are the kind of stuff you don‘t care so much until you need to use one. And, if you want to have the rainy day more cheerful, than picking some unique, cool umbrella is a great idea for sure! There is a lot of different shapes and designs to choose from – did you already see a led light umbrella that gives you light in the dark? This is a really cool product you can also find on our website!

If you are a student, you would probably appreciate some umbrella suitable for college students e.g. based on our previous post. Have you seen the resident Evil umbrella or Captain America umbrella? Those are great stuff for sure, and what‘s more – with those umbrellas you will always look cool and stylish!

Umbrella could also very well complete your outfit – if you pick some transparent bubble umbrella – with some nice design or laced one, you will be protected very well and the same time looks glamorous! Those umbrellas are also very practical as could cover whole shoulders and head so you don‘t need to worry about your hairstyle!

Quick guide: cool unique umbrellas

You can also pick some colorful umbrella, metallic one or samurai umbrellas that we will be listed below – all are very original and unique – with such an umbrella, your day won‘t ever be boring!

When you choose some of the listed umbrellas, be aware of the opening mechanism – read carefully whether it is umbrella manual or automatic (fully automatic – opening and closing are done by pushing a button, semi-automatic means the closing is done manually). Both mechanisms have their advantage and disadvantage – if you like to read more about it, kindly check our previous blog post.

Also, always read carefully former customers’ review so you are aware of the quality of the umbrella before you purchase the product. If you are not fully sure about purchasing the product, you can leave us your comment below this post and we will do our best to help you with choosing the right umbrella!

Let‘s now look at the top cool unique umbrellas you can find nowadays in the market:

#1 Samurai sword umbrella

Would you like to look like a Samurai when wearing an umbrella, check this product, that is offered in 3 different options, but all those have the “samurai sword handle”, which looks really cool!

Samurai sword umbrella

You can pick this umbrella with 8, 16 or 24 nylon ribs, this product could be used as a sunny umbrella as well due to Anti-UV Impact Cloth.

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The opening system is non-automatic, which means the umbrella is opened and closed manually. This fact makes this samurai umbrella very reliable for windy weather! The price ranges from 12 to 17 USD in Aliexpress including shipping costs!

Samurai sword umbrella


#2 Resident Evil umbrella

This umbrella is really cool and the same time lightweight – if you are the fan of the movie Resident Evil, is this umbrella the right product for you! 

Resident Evil umbrella

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This umbrella is offered both as non-automatic and automatic, is compacted and is being delivered in a stylish case. You can have this umbrella for appr. 15 USD including shipping costs.

Resident Evil umbrella


#3 Silver pocket umbrella

This product is really very unique and cool! Those metallic umbrellas are offered in 4 different colors could complete your outfit very well! If you would like to look stylish, we recommend buying this product! 

Silver pocket umbrella

Umbrella has 8 steel ribs and in compacted mode is has 19 cm only so it could be very easily hidden in the bag or backpack. The price is great – this umbrella costs approximately 9 USD only! 

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Silver pocket umbrella


#4 Rainbow umbrella

This 24 ribs umbrella is currently a hit among all the offered products! The very colorful product could enlighten your rainy day for sure!

rainbow umbrella

It is a long-handled, non-automatic umbrella with a strong, metal skeleton so it should withstand stronger wind as well! You can have this umbrella for appr. 13 USD including shipping cost!

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rainbow umbrella


#5 Women led-light umbrella

Looking for a really cool product you can use for some show or light performance? If so, we have a great tip for you!

Women led light umbrella

As for this product you can even choose from 4 different designs – multicolored, green, white and red. This umbrella is not suitable for wearing as a rain protector, much more for some light shows – but, this product looks great, isn‘t it?

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Women led light umbrella


#6 Women rain umbrella

This is a really unique umbrella for stylish women! It could be also used as parasol due to UV coating, it is compacted and big enough to cover you reliably!

Women rain umbrella

There are two designs to be chosen from – with the green on inside or outside. This umbrella is offered as non-automatic and you have it for appr. 13 USD including shipping on Aliexpress.

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Women rain umbrella


#7 Captain America umbrella

If you have a Marvel´s movie fan, you simply have to purchase this umbrella with a design of Captain America shield – it really looks so cool! There is a lot of designs to be chosen from so if you are not sure whether the showed design would suit you, you can pick another one!

Captain America umbrella

Umbrella is made from 100% polyester pongee waterproof fabric, 8 ribs are made from strong fiber for extra support. You have this unique umbrella for appr. 18 USD including shipping.

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Captain America


#8 European style umbrella

Bubble umbrellas are very popular, especially among women. This is due to they look very good and stylish, not many people have those, and this dome shape umbrella could cover the whole shoulders and head of the user very well. 

European cities umbrella

Transparent design allows the user a very good look through the canopy. Umbrella has a plastic J-handle and is semi-automatic. Those umbrellas are long-handled. You can choose from 3 different designs and have the product for appr. 16 USD including shipping on Aliexpress!

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European style umbrella


#9 Creative women umbrella

It‘s time to present a new style of umbrellas! If you are looking for an original shape umbrella, this product is the right for you! Available in 3 different colors – white, pink and purple. Produced by a reliable producer, that offers only quality products.

Creative women umbrella

Umbrella is long-handled and non-automatic and could be used as parasol as well. You have this umbrella for appr. 25 USD including shipping costs on Aliexpress! 

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Creative women umbrella_2


#10 Black white pagoda umbrella

Another new shape and style among umbrellas represent this black white pagoda umbrella! If you like this shape there are other designs on the market, but this black white looks very fancy.

Black white pagoda umbrella

Those umbrellas are semi-automatic, long-handled and the skeleton is from iron. There are 20 iron ribs, that keep the umbrella in the same shape even in stronger wind.

Plastic J-handle allows its user to keep the umbrella comfortably. If you fancy this umbrella you can have it for appr. 15 USD on Aliexpress. 

Buy this product on AliexpressBlack white pagoda umbrella


#11 Custom unique umbrella

If you like to have some customized umbrella, you can follow our link to these umbrellas. And if you are a fan of Elvis or Queen, you can buy some with this popular design! Elvis fashion umbrella

Umbrella is non-automatic and compacted – could be easily hidden in the backpack. You can also use this umbrella as parasol due to UV canopy coating. You can have this umbrella for appr. 18 USD on Aliexpress.

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Custom unique umbrella

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#12 Animals printed umbrella

If you could appreciate the watercolor painting, check these animals printed umbrellas – those with an elephant or any other from the producer selection. This quality and beautiful umbrellas are fully-automatic, compacted and lightweight! In the folded mode this umbrella has 28 cm. The handle is plastic and rubber.
Animals printed umbrella

If you like this umbrella you should be aware of the price, which is appr. 28 USD including shipping on Aliexpress. There are 9 quality designs to be chosen from! 

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Animals printed umbrella


#13 Newspaper design umbrella

You don‘t need to work in a newspaper publishing house to fancy those stylish umbrellas! You can choose from 2 designs, those umbrellas are fully-automatic, could be used as a sun umbrella and are compacted.

Black&White umbrella

Umbrella is lightweight, could reliably cover one person and the allover design is very original and fancy. This umbrella could be yours for appr. 18 USD including shipping on Aliexpress! 

Buy this product on AliexpressBlack&White newspaper umbrella


#14 Multicolor reverse umbrella

Those umbrellas are suitable especially for car users, that need to keep dry when closing the umbrella while entering the car – the opening is also done differently than other umbrella and the purpose is simple – to have the dry part of the umbrella on top so the raindrops won‘t fall on your clothes or on yourself:). What a product! 
Reverse folding umbrella
This product is offered in variable colors and designs. You can have this umbrella for appr. 18 USD including shipping on Aliexpress!

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Reverse umbrella


#15 Designed army umbrella

Those two designed army umbrellas look very well and are offered in two colors, those umbrellas are fully-automatic, the skeleton is from aluminum and fiberglass and should withstand stronger wind. Umbrellas could be used as sunny umbrellas as well.

Stylish army umbrella

Products are delivered in a stylish case. The price is 21 USD including shipping on Aliexpress. Former customers appreciate this product very much and we recommend it as well! 

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Stylish army umbrella



Did you know how many original and unique umbrellas on the market? Now you do thanks to our post about the cool unique umbrellas. You can admit those umbrellas are really cool and unique and if you buy some of the above-listed umbrellas, you will look fancy and stylish for sure!

We wish you a pleasant time during picking the best unique umbrella, and in case of any question, do not hesitate to turn on us via comment below the post, we are here to help and advise!

Thank you for visiting our website www.umbrellaparty.com

Bye Renata











  • Nuttanee

    I hoard umbrellas, it is something that I always have on my bag. I live in NYC because we have to walk everywhere, it is always handy to just have one ready in my bag. Omg, the resident evil one is so awesome! Reminds me when I played that game when I was in school on my Playstation 2. Creative woman umbrella is also very cute! The samurai is also unique. Thank you for sharing them I think I might bet the samurai one. 

  • Danijel

    Hello Renata, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. It is great I stumbled upon your article as I wanted to get an attractive present for my fiance for her birthday. she is a big fan of fashion and trends so these umbrellas are a great gift. Thank you for giving such great ideas! I hope I will choose the best one.

  • GarryJam

    I am an Australian male. I lived in Tokyo for 8 years. Not long after I arrived I Bought a sping loaded compact umbrella that fitted into a special slot of my new lightweight backpack. I never ever used it, even though it rained a lot. God would stop the rain for me every time.

    A couple of years into my stay I bought several shirts and two pairs of pants from a shop that sold large men’s ware in The Ginza. They gave me a beautiful tartan umbrella as a gift. I was very proud of it, even though by that stage I had collected 15 or so umbrellas that had been left behind in various places and had never used any of them. One day when it seemed to be raining a lot I took the tartan umbrella to work. It wasn’t needed. On the way home I left that umbrella behind 6 times. the last time was in the video rental shop so I rang them up and asked them to hold it for me and then went to bed.

    Umbrellas, what a nuisance. Casa casa!

  • Don

    Renata, A very nice site here. Whoever thought there were so many different kinds of umbrellas. From just plain colored umbrellas to Captain America. You totally cover everything here. I was especially fond of the kids umbrellas as I have a lot of grand-kids and kids umbrellas are hard to find. You have one thats called a Custom Umbrella, can you customize it using your own pictures, designs etc? That would be interesting if you could do that. Great job here, should be very successful.

  • Benny

    I can tell that this is a really good one. I should first commend the input of effort in making this superb website with nice features and also writing an article on a guide to some really cool umbrellas in 2020. i have been thinking of getting my daughter an umbrella but it has been difficult for me to choose. even with these superb variety i am still confused i guess i should show her the article so she can make a pick.

  • Smoochi

    I would love to create a website like yours as the template used is really nice, simple and brings about clarity of the write ups, but then you wrote a brilliant article on some really cool umbrellas that i can get as gifts for people. i love the different designs displayed here. thank you for this great post.

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