Ultimate guide: 15 cute umbrellas for kids and women

Ultimate guide: 16 cute umbrellas for kids and women

Are you curious about which cute umbrellas for kids or women are nowadays on the market? If so, you are in the right place as we have come with the selection of the cutest umbrellas you would imagine! And if you pick some umbrella from our list, be sure, your rainy days become much more cheerful and pleasant!

When picking the best cute umbrella be aware not only of the design of the umbrella but also the function as opening mechanism, the material the umbrella is made from, the count of the ribs for better stability during rain, last but not the least read carefully former customers’ opinion so you can avoid some disappointment after receiving your dreamy umbrella!

Most children appreciate colorful, bright and same time lightweight umbrella so their arms won‘t hurt after holding the umbrella for a while, women mostly appreciate an umbrella, that is small in the folded shape so it could be easily hidden in their bag.

mini compact umbrella

But most of the women also appreciate the quality of the umbrella so it won‘t break right after stronger wind begins to blow – no wonder – umbrella should also reliably cover their hair so it is highly unwelcome to get the hair wet before getting to work or to a party!

Luckily, there is a lot of great umbrellas – fancy, stylish, cute and same time quality ones so there is not much compromise to be done when picking the ideal umbrella! And, if you are interested which cute umbrellas we have selected for you and for your kids, keep reading as we are coming with the ultimate list of the 16 cute umbrellas for kids and women!

Let‘s start with children umbrellas. If you fancy some of the listed products, just click on the product title or the picture below it and you will be redirected to the product page – here you can find another important information about the chosen umbrella!

#1 Unicorn bubble umbrella

We can‘t help ourselves not to show this fantastic cute bubble umbrella on the first position – the reason is simple – this umbrella won´t get reversed due to dome shape, it is super cute, suitable for girls since the age of 5 and as a plus due to we have personal experience with this umbrella we assure you it looks fantastic in reality – exactly the same way how it looks on the picture!

unicorn bubble umbrella

The opening system is semi-automatic, which means the opening is done by pushing a button and closing is done manually. There is a metal skeleton, plastic J-handle, which makes the umbrella comfortable to hold. The transparent canopy allows you to see through so you are aware of where you go!

Nowadays become these dome shape or as we call them bubble umbrellas very modern and popular type of umbrellas so buying one of those won‘t be a mistake! And are you curious about the price? You can buy this umbrella for 22 USD on Aliexpress including shipping cost!

#2 Mickey & Minnie bubble umbrella

Do you fancy bubble umbrellas but looking for a smaller one for your child? Then you cannot miss this cute umbrella for kids with popular Mickey & Minnie design! This umbrella is also semi-automatic with smooth opening and closing – no worries about your child’s fingers! Although is this umbrella not transparent, it provides reliable cover to your kid even in a stronger wind!

Minnie umbrella

Evaluated very well by former customers this umbrella has simply everything that you can expect from a quality children umbrella: is light-weighted, looks gorgeous, could reliably cover your child’s head and shoulders and what‘s more – it is not expensive!  You can find this umbrella (and choose from 4 different designs, what is plus as well) on Aliexpress for appr. 14 USD including shipping costs!

#3 Pikachu cartoon umbrella

This super cute umbrella for kids is a great product! Looking so good, being fully-automatic and you can even choose from 4 designs, could be even used during sun as UV-protector!

The lightweight technology and cute plastic handle with opening and closing buttons make from this umbrella a sure thing if your child loves this kind of design!

Pikachu cartoon umbrella

It has nano waterproof cloth, which means the umbrella dries fast and water drops smoothly slip on it. All colors the umbrella is sell in look gorgeous – suitable for girls as well as for boys since age 7 – 10. The price on Aliexpress ranges around 16 USD including shipping!

#4 Animal kids umbrella

This one is really a hit! A lot of designs and all so bright, colorful and cute, especially this pink one with a cat as is on the picture.

This semi-automatic, long handle umbrella is made from steel, has a classic shape, is suitable for children from 4 to 8 years and we love it! Former customers appreciate the quality and the look of the umbrella and we fancy this one very much as well!

animal kids umbrella

The producer of the umbrella also offers 2 sizes – M and L so based on your need you can pick a bigger umbrella so you are sure your child is reliably covered during rainy days! Easy to carry due to wooden J-handle, smaller umbrella weight is 320 grams, the bigger one weight is 350 grams.

And the price? You should sit down and breath deeply as this fantastic umbrella costs only appr. 11 USD on Aliexpress, while shipping is included in the price as well! What a product!

#5 Cute children umbrella

This ladybird umbrella speaks for itself – so cute, suitable for smaller children since the age 2 – you can choose from 5 different designs, each of them is very beautiful and make your child each rainy day cheerful!

Children cute umbrella

Plastic J-handle make this umbrella pleasantly portable. There is manual opening system, but friendly to your child‘s fingers, no worry! This item is also great present idea! You don‘t need to be worried about the price as it costs appr. 12 USD including shipping on Aliexpress!

#6 Cute panda umbrella

Offered in a variety of designs (panda, rabbit, and elephant – all very cute and colorful), is this cute umbrella very suitable for children from 4 to 7 years old.

This umbrella is non-automatic, which means opening and closing are done manually, but the mechanism is smooth and user-friendly – your child could manage it by himself!

Panda cute umbrella

This product is easily portable due to J-handle, the canopy is made from quality polyester pongee so you can be sure the rain will slide right off! The price is also reasonable, you can have this umbrella on Aliexpress from appr. 15 USD including shipping!

#7 Kitty rain umbrella

Do you twins? Or similar aged children – boy and girl? No matter if your answer is yes or not, there are cute umbrellas offered in two colors – pink and blue and we cannot help ourselves to admit there is something on those umbrellas!

Kitty rain umbrella

Not only those umbrellas are really cute, but this reliable and known umbrella producer made its skeleton from glass fiber and stell, added semi-automatic opening mechanism supported by opening button on a plastic handle, and fix water-resistant polyester canopy on top – voilá – here we come with a quality product for a reasonable price, that range around 16 USD including shipping!

#8 Fancy transparent umbrella

We cannot help ourselves to present another bubble umbrella as they are very cute just due to their original shape. And if you pick some fancy design, you could not go wrong with this product! There is a lot of design offered so take your time to pick the best one for your child!

Kids transparent umbrella

This is a long-handled umbrella – in case of bubble umbrellas expect they are long-handled, but this could be forgiven due to long life as is hard to break such umbrella (but make sure your child is not playing on swordsman with this umbrella:)).

What could be broken more easily is the opening mechanism, in this case, is the opening mechanism semi-automatic. The price is very pleasant – it ranges around 13 USD on Aliexpress including shipping!

#9 Cats printed umbrella

This is probably the cheapest umbrella in our selection – the price is 9 USD including shipping!

The design is so cute, we had to include this one as well – you can choose from 4 colors – dark blue, light blue, pink and lila. It is a non-automatic umbrella.

Cats printed umbrella

You can use this umbrella as a sun protector as well, as it is a compacted umbrella it could be easily hidden in your bag!

Still not enough cute umbrellas? We cannot blame you, so let´s now look at the cute umbrellas women would fancy the most!

#10 Animal printed umbrella

If you like to differ to other people umbrellas, choose this one – it is more expensive than other listed umbrellas, but per former customers’ opinion the quality worths the price. This umbrella could be used as parasol as well – the design has the advantage it would not look weird when using against the sun.

Animals printed umbrella

It is a compact and super-lightweight umbrella with a pleasant size in the folded mode – it has 28 cm only and could be easily hidden into the bag or backpack. It is a fully automatic umbrella so if you go with full hands, just push the button and you will be covered from rain right away.

#11 Flower designed umbrella

Looking for a really cute and originally designed umbrella? This one is offered for a great price and you can bet it won‘t have many people! You can choose from 2 designs, we fancy the white/orange one as it looks super cute!

This umbrella is also called a mini-pocket umbrella due to small size especially in the folded mode. It is non-automatic, also could serve as a parasol and the skeleton is made from Glassfiber, which makes from this umbrella reliable product.

The price is appr. 12 USD on Aliexpress including shipping so you can get a lot for a great price!

#12 European style umbrella

Very popular product on our website that cannot be missed in this selection of the cutest women umbrellas! This is a really unique product among the offered bubble umbrellas, if you like to walk the city, have a great view and be reliably protected, you cannot miss this umbrella!

European cities umbrella

Especially when the price is so good so if you want to have some bubble umbrella at home, we recommend this one! You can pick from 3 different designs (all relates to London), have semi-automatic opening mechanism as most of the bubble umbrellas and the price range around 16 USD including shipping!

#13 Mini pocket umbrella

Very well evaluated umbrella even for a great price is this mini pocket umbrella with a large design offer! Altough it is a non-automatic umbrella, it could serve very well to practical women those need to have some umbrella nearby and use it as soon as it is needed.

mini compact umbrella

In folding mode, it has only 15 cm so you can see it could be easily stashed in the bag, even a smaller one! In opening mode it has 93 cm so it protects you reliably, no worry to get wet when the rain starts, this umbrella is not for show only! And it costs 12 USD only including shipping!

#14 Little prince umbrella

Have you ever heard about the Little prince umbrella? A famous story printed on a cute umbrella, where you can even choose from a total of 6 colors – pink, lila, green, dark blue, beige and light blue.

No matter which color you would choose, you will have an original umbrella, suitable as a sun protector as well and a reliable cover on rainy days!

Little prince umbrella

This umbrella has 17 cm in the folded mode only! Altough non-automatic, is this umbrella a great choice for a young woman, which needs to have a reliable product for a reasonable price, which is appr. 11 USD including shipping!

#15 Doggie printed umbrella

Are you a dog lover? If so and if you prefer a fully automatic umbrella (just to have your hand free when you walk your doggie, we recommend this cute doggie printed umbrella!

Evaluated very well by former customers is this product a great one if you fancy this kind of umbrellas. Will make a joy to each family member, could be used as parasol as well!

doggie printed umbrella

Due to quality fiberglass ribs and metal skeleton should this umbrella resist the wind, could be also used for sport e.g. for fishing, camping, hiking. You will get an umbrella case with this product as well!

The price is higher than the previous one, you can buy this umbrella for appr. 20 USD on Aliexpress.

#16 Silver pocket umbrella

If there is one product you should have at least in your life at home, it is this silver pocket umbrella! So cute, so clever and practical, easy to be hidden in a small bag – what else would women need!  Are you worried about the price? You don‘t need to! The price ranges just around 11 USD including shipping on Aliexpress

Silver pocket umbrella

Although non-automatic, is the opening mechanism user-friendly, so no worries about hard times during opening the umbrella! You can choose from 6 colors in total: yellow, blue, pink, black, white and green (just inner color, outer color is always silver).

It can even protect your skin from UV Rays! Available in a lot of colors is this umbrella a great product, worth considering! With the silver coating, your outfit will be always complete, even in rain! With only 19 cm in folded mode and 95 cm in the opening mode, is this umbrella reliable enough to become your loyal companion!


You may probably think how hard is to choose the right and still reliable umbrella!? We cannot blame you, as you can see there is a large selection of cute umbrellas so take your time to go through them and choose carefully. Some people prefer a larger umbrella, some mini pocket umbrella – all have its advantage and disadvantage.

If you better look for a strong and windproof umbrella, you can also check our previous blog post about the best ones you will surely find your favorite product!

And, if you would have some question, just keep your comment below the post and we will be happy to help!

Thank you for visiting our website umbrellaparty.com!



  • Danijel

    Hello Renata, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. My daughter’s birthday is next week and I was looking at what to buy her. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because I am sure she will enjoy her new umbrella. Designs are awesome, it is hard to choose which one to buy.

    • Renata

      Hello Danijel!

      Thank you for your kind comment! We have a great umbrellas for little girls so no hesitate to go though the selection of the best kids umbrellas! We believe it is really hard to choose one umbrella as most of them are very beautiful, does not cost fortune and have a great features as UV protection or fully automatic opening system.

      We wish you pleasant time during picking the right umbrella for your daughter and thank you for stopping by!


  • Nimrodngy

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article about this cute umbrellas for kids and women.

    My girl loves unicorns and i would like to give this gift for her birthday. She will like a lot this Unicorn Bubble Umbrella and i can’t wait to make her happy. If you don’t mind i would like to share this post to my friends because i know that they will love thia umbrellas. Wish you all the best! 

    • Renata


      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment! The unicorn umbrella is really great product, very quality one and same time looks marvelous! I believe your daughter will love and we will be happy to hear from you about the experience with this umbrella.

      Have a great time!

      Bye Renata

  • Larry Mitchell

    Great website. I would not have given much thought as to what to look for in an umbrella. All I knew was puch the button to open and close when done. You have opened my eyes up. No wonder I am always buying a new umbrella. Thanks for the advise.


    • Renata

      Hello Larry!

      Thank you for visiting our website and for your kind comment! We are glad to show some great umbrellas to you and advise on the features you should look for when buying an umbrella. Hopefully, you will find some based on our blog post or offer within our website, we will be happy to hear your experience and opinion about the bought umbrella!

      Have a great time!

      Bye Renata

  • Shanta Rahman

    Hello Renata ! Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful article .Your article is really informative and great .Last month, my baby’s birthday went up and from the thought of the rainy season, I’ve gifted my baby 2 mickey & Minnie bubble umbrella to your article and she is overjoyed. This umbrella is light-weight, looks good, reliable .The colors are very nice as well as the designs are very attractive .I hope my child enjoys the umbrella your article provides .

    Finally, I hope everyone is happy to receive your article and will definitely share with you their new experience. I will definitely pass your article on to my friends and they will purchase an umbrella of their choice .

    • Renata

      Hello Shanta!

      Nice to hear from you and that the Mickey&Minnie umbrella is a great product, we are happy to hear that! We wish your kid to enjoy the umbrella well. It could really enlighten the rainy morning!

      Thank you for visiting our website and for your kind comment and we wish you a great upcoming spring!

      Bye Renata

  • Benny

    Hi, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. I am really impressed with the selection that you have made in this article. The Mickey and Minnie bubble umbrella will be perfect for my baby. Thank you for this great post  

    • Renata

      Hello Benny!

      Thank you for visiting our website and for your kind comment! We are always happy to show some useful products for buying, a lot of people is not aware there are so many beautiful umbrellas for kids nor for adults. So we are here to show that even picking an umbrella or rain gear could be fun and there is not only one type of umbrella but a lot of types to be considered.

      We wish you all the best and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

      Bye Renata

  • padma

    Wow these are such cute umbrellas! I especially like the doggy, kitty and other animal-themed umbrellas including the unicorn one and the cute children one! This is a big hit with my 10 yr old daughter and she especially likes the purple-colored Unicorn umbrella. The fact that it has a long handle and is the right size for even adults is great so I can share the umbrella with my child when it rains. The price seems reasonable too, and your products are so stylish :))

    • Renata

      Hello Padma!

      Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment!

      The animal-themed umbrellas are really cute and original – if you buy some, you will have a unique product for sure. Many people still using a simple black umbrella instead of some colorful ones so you will always be unique with some differently designed umbrella.

      Thank you again and we wish you all the best!

      Bye Renata

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