Ultimate Guide: best men umbrella for 2020

Ultimate Guide: Best men umbrella for 2020

Are you a man and looking for a really quality, long-lasting umbrella? Product, that will look representative enough, maybe have a wooden handle and could cover you and some companion as well? Or just look for a car or sports umbrella, which won’t let you down in case of sudden rain? No matter which purpose it is, we are here to show the best men umbrella you can nowadays find in the market!

Or, maybe you are a woman that looks for the best product for her husband, dad or brother. We assure you that each of the listed umbrellas is very suitable as a gift as you cannot be wrong with a quality, elegant and reliable product. If the chosen umbrella is automatic (you can read more about the closing systems here), have anti-UV protection and enough ribs to protect its user even in stronger wind, it could be a great gift!

You can find all the listed umbrellas on our website in the category Men’s Umbrellas – Classic umbrellas. As most of the umbrellas look similar, we decided to put them to our newest blog post and compare their pros and cons so you can choose easily the right umbrella.

When picking the umbrella to be also aware of the opening mechanism (automatic – fully or semi or manual umbrella), the number and ribs material, the skeleton material. For some men there is also important whether the umbrella is long-handled or compacted – compact one could be easily hidden and is suitable for sport, hiking, city walking. Long-handled is suitable for business purposes and is ok to use it in case of camping or fishing.

Ultimate Guide: best men umbrella for 2020

You should not underestimate the length of the opened canopy as it says whether it could cover one or more people in case of need (for city walking or car umbrella this could be quite important). Whether you appreciate multiple-layer umbrella it depends if you used to use the umbrella as parasol – using the umbrella as a sun umbrella as well. If so, always read carefully whether they have the chosen umbrella UV canopy layer or not.

Most information about the chosen product could be also known from the former customers’ reviews so read carefully what are they saying about the umbrella. Our listed umbrella price ranges from 12 USD to 25 USD. not always are the most expensive umbrellas the best or they could serve the same way as some quality umbrella for 15 USD.

Also, if you think the umbrella with the highest amount of ribs is the most quality, but be aware that such an umbrella could be also quite heavy and not suitable for some kind of purpose (especially for sport or city walking).

Don’t worry about the package as most of the producers do all the best to pack an umbrella properly so you receive an umbrella in the form as you should. You can leave us your comment below this post in case of any question concerning the chosen umbrella. We will do our best to help you to choose the right umbrella!

#1 Men business umbrella

If you look for the best compromise and same time compact umbrella, this product would be a great one for you! With only 438 grams, and 10 metal ribs, could this umbrella withstand stronger wind and in case of no rain could be easily stashed into the backpack. This makes from this umbrella great city walking companion as well as could serve as an elegant business umbrella.

Business men umbrella

If you, not fancy black color, you can also choose from blue or grey design. Umbrella has an elegant wooden handle, is fully-automatic, which means the opening and closing is done by pushing a button. It could be used to cover one person only and could be used as a UV protector as well. 

Umbrella is delivered with a case in the same design as the chosen umbrella. Are you worried about the price? No need to, you have this product for apr. 21 USD including shipping. Former customers claim the umbrella is very well packed to avoid transport damage, the opening mechanism is excellent (works perfectly) and all over design looks the same as on the picture.

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business man umbrella

#2 XL business umbrella

Let’s stay at the business umbrellas for a while as those are fancy looking and have great features – businessmen need reliable companions and therefore are the sellers very precise during producing them. This is also the case of this XL business umbrella.

XL business umbrella

This compacted umbrella has 2 designs to be chosen from – black and blue. The handle is plastic and designed for a comfortable grip. There is also the quality and portable strap on the handle. Umbrella is fully-automatic and could be used as a UV protector as well. Its weight is 480 grams, which is a normal weight for a quality umbrella with 8 aluminum ribs, that could withstand stronger wind. 

The canopy length is 122 cm so covering the second person would not cause any troubles. It has 37 cm in the closing mode so it could be easily hidden in the backpack – especially for a sports usage (golf, fishing) would be this umbrella great companion! The price is apr. 20 USD including shipping and based on the former customer’s opinion is this product worth considering buying! 

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XL business umbrella


#3 Luxury car umbrella

If you look for some quality car umbrella, that could last some time and still look fancy, this one would be the right product for you! You can choose from 5 designs of the inner color – red, Lila, black, wine-red and grey, the outside color is always black. Umbrella is fully-automatic (so no worry to get wet when getting out the car as only one hand is needed for opening the umbrella) and has a plastic handle. 

Luxury car umbrella

This umbrella is a double layer, which means that could be used against the sun as well. The cloth is water repellent so it dries fast (for a car umbrella quite important feature). Umbrella has 490 grams and with 10 nylon fabric ribs, it could withstand stronger wind. This umbrella is a great companion for a great price as a plus!

You can have this umbrella for only apr. 13 USD including shipping! It has been purchased many times and former customers point out the umbrella looks like on the picture, is durable, is very well packed and delivered with a case. In the closing has this umbrella 32 cm. 

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#4 16 ribs windproof umbrella

If you fancy long-handled umbrellas, especially for business purposes, is this umbrella worth considering! With 16 aluminum ribs and semi-automatic opening mechanism (closing is done manually), is quite sure this umbrella would withstand stronger wind for a sure. It has an elegant wooden J-handle and 120 cm in the opening mode so you can cover the second person as well.

16 Ribs windproof umbrella

You can choose from 4 different colors – black, grey, khaki, and navy. The weight is 630 grams, which is the only disadvantage of this umbrella if you don’t want your arm to hurt after longer holding this umbrella. Even though it could be this umbrella great companion and serves very well and a long time due to very quality skeleton and ribs.

Are you curious about the price? You can have this product for apr. 24 USD including shipping. Former customers claim this umbrella is big (therefore not suitable for smaller people), it could cover 2 people conveniently, packed very well by the producer to avoid transport damage.

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16 Ribs windproof umbrella

#5 English style umbrella

Very well evaluated umbrellas by former customers are those English style umbrellas with a wooden J-handle that guarantees convenient holding. A plus is you can choose an umbrella with different handle – wooden, leather or combination of wood and leather – all look very elegant.

English style umbrella

Umbrella is fully-automatic, compact so it could be even hidden in case of no use, it has 116 cm so the cover is very reliable and its weight is 480 grams. Umbrella has 10 metal ribs and could withstand the strong wind without a problem! If you fancy this product you can have it for a great price, which is apr. 15 USD including shipping! 

This umbrella is a very good gift idea as well – due to an elegant look, convenient handle and compact size would be this product a great companion for business as well as city walking occasion!

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English style umbrella

#6 Strong windproof umbrella

Would you like to buy a reliable companion for your sports events like golf or hiking or just everyday life? This product would do the trick – with strong 12 ribs and the semi-automatic opening system would be a great choice if you would like to have quality and reliably compacted umbrella, that is delivered in a leather case. 

Umbrella has a lengthened handle that fits the hand very well and is easy to hold.  Due to ergonomic handle, you don’t need to worry about sliding. Umbrella is lightweight, quick-drying and could protect you very well, even from a hail. It could be used as a travel umbrella as well! You can choose from 2 colors – black and blue.
Are you worried about the price? You don’t need to as this umbrella costs apr. 13 USD including shipping! What a product! Many former customers claim this umbrella works well so if you fancy it, you can buy it without fear of quick damage during the first rain! 

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Strong windproof umbrella

#7 Stripe windproof umbrella

This lightweight umbrella has a very elegant looking striped design and you can choose from 3 colors – black, blue and grey. The wooden handle makes the look of this umbrella to be very fancy and elegant, but in opposite to previous types are those umbrellas a little more designed.

Wooden handle umbrella

Umbrella is fully-automatic, its weight is 450 grams only and is compacted. In the closing, it has this umbrella 35 cm, which is convenient for easy holding after there is no use, especially due to J-handle. This umbrella could cover conveniently one person due to 103 cm large canopy, the skeleton is made from aluminum and glass fiber. Canopy is also made to protect you against the sun. 10 ribs are holding and keeping the umbrella reliable for the case of stronger wind. 

If you fancy a business looking and still stylish designed umbrella, is this product the right for you! Are you afraid of the price? There is no need to be, based on the former customer’s opinion is this umbrella very quality and its price is apr. 24 USD including shipping. 

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wooden handle umbrella

#8 Samurai sword umbrella

This umbrella is something for gourmets – men, that like to have something different than others and still look stylish and elegant. And what‘s more, having a reliable product for a great price is never the wrong way to go! Although is this umbrella non-automatic, is the samurai sword umbrella with 16 or 24 ribs very reliable companion even for the rainstorm!

Samurai sword umbrella


This long-handled umbrella could be used against the sun as well. Have 8, 16 or 24 nylon ribs and the handle looks like – yes samurai sword! It is a very popular product among customers and whether you are worried it costs a fortune we can assure you it does not – the 8-ribs umbrella could be yours for apr. 13 USD including shipping, the 16-ribs umbrella for apr. 16,5 USD and the 24-ribs umbrella for apr. 19 USD on Aliexpress – what a product!

With this umbrella you won‘t be or feel boring, this is simply not possible:). You can play on Samurai and have great rain cover at the same time, isn‘ t it worth considering? 

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Samurai sword umbrella


Our goal was to show the best men umbrellas that are currently on the market. Sometimes is hard to find the best product, that is quality and for a reasonable price. Therefore we have come with the best of the best and now it is just up to you which one to choose!

Whether you choose some long-handled umbrella for your business affairs or some compacted one that is easy to hold also when the rain is over, it is only up to you. Or, you can buy more umbrellas and switch them based on your mood and occasion. Some reliable travel companion is also worth considering so you won‘t get wet just after opening the umbrella and recognize it has broken opening or just fly away after the wind starts to blow.

We wish you a pleasant time during picking the best umbrella, and in case of any question, do not hesitate to turn on us via comment below the post, we are here to help and advise!

Thank you for visiting our website www.umbrellaparty.com!






  • Lemuel

    Hello and thank you about this article! As someone who loves stylish umbrellas and can withstand the outdoor elements, this is very interesting. I really like how you listed what to look for an umbrella for men, and I love how you construct and reviewed every product.

    The samurai umbrella is very interesting and would like to add to my arsenal. I have a non-compact umbrella and a compact one from another brand though.

    My non-compact umbrella is very sentimental for me as it once saved my life.

    • Renata

      Hello and thank you for your kind comment!

      The samurai umbrella is really cool product and would look very stylish when you buy it as not many people have it:).

      It is always better to have more umbrellas, no matter whether compact or non-compact (each person have different priorities) so if one is broken, you can grab another one without need to run to the store, both have its pros and cons.

      We would be happy to hear the story about your non-compact umbrella saving your life, if you have some time, let us know your story.

      Have a great time and thank you for stopping by!

      Bye Renata

  • Steve G

    It is a great review of any essential accessory.  I wasn’t aware of the different varieties of umbrellas there were out there.  After reading your post I will never look at an umbrella the same way.  No kidding!   Over the years I have spent way too much money on poorly made umbrellas that just simply do not hold up.   While I like the look of the two-color Luxury Car style. I really need something that stands up to gusts of wind.   

    Gusts of wind are my greatest concern. That has been the biggest problem I have run into and has wind has destroyed most of my previous umbrellas.   I need something that is compact for the car.  How well does the English style hold up to wind? Does the number of ribs really make a difference?

    • Renata

      Hello Steve!

      I believe a lot of people does not give much attention to picking an umbrella. Maybe, after reading our article it become more interesting and pleasant to pick the right umbrella.

      Yes, the number of ribs really make a huge difference! It is also about the skeleton and ribs material, but difference between 8 or 12 ribs makes could be huge! The great news is umbrellas with 10 or more ribs are not so expensive as it could be expected. Also as much heavier umbrella as better (but not over 600 grams – here comes the problem wind longer holding – your arm could hurt holding some heavy umbrella). But umbrella with weight around 500 grams could also withstand the wind better – it is simply harder to reverse it.

      English style umbrella is somewhere between – it has 10 metal ribs and based on former customers experience it seems to be really great product. It should withstand stronger wind, probably not some strong windstorm, but for normal wind and rain this could be great choice for sure.

      Have a great time and thank you for stopping by!

      Bye Renata

  • Ricky Gordon

    Thank you for your informative article. I never quite thought about the construction of an umbrella before and  am surprised that some actually incorporate two layers for UV protection. I shall actually pay more attention now when selecting umbrellas as to the way they are constructed. I think I will be back soon and select an umbrella that you have recommended.

    • Renata

      Hello Ricky!

      Thank you for your kind comment and for stopping by!

      Yes, buying an umbrella could be quite simple process, however if you once see all the features some of the umbrellas offers – suddenly it is not so easy to pick one. The UV protection is really great feature.

      Hopefully you will find your favorite umbrella among our selection!

      Have a great day!

      Bye Renata

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