Ultimate guide: top 12 wedding umbrellas

Ultimate Guide: Top 12 wedding umbrellas for 2020

Are you looking for the best wedding umbrella? If so, you are in the right place as here we come with the best 12 wedding umbrellas for the year 2020! 

If you ever planned some wedding you were probably worried about what possible rain could cause to the bride, groom and the guest. Especially if the wedding takes place in nature there is always a risk the weather won‘t play your game when the big day comes. 

Having rain on the wedding day doesn‘t need to be a disaster at all if you have prepared a cute wedding umbrellas! Well picked wedding umbrellas should make the trick, cover the guests as well as the newly married couple and as a plus make the wedding photos unconventional. 

Our advice is to pick the wedding umbrellas wisely as they could nicely complete the wedding outfits! You can also decide to prepare some sun, laced ivory or white wedding umbrellas for the bride and bridesmaids – this looks fancy and nice on the wedding photos as well! For those who really likes unusual things there are also black or pink wedding umbrellas on the market so no worry to not find what are you looking for!

There are several possibilities of the umbrellas suitable for a wedding – you can have some clear wedding umbrella – mostly known as transparent bubble – dome shape – umbrellas. Those really look fantastic and could cover the head and whole shoulders without a problem. Although they are not suitable as a parasol, are those types of umbrellas very popular not only for the wedding but for normal usage as well.

ultimate guide: top 12 wedding umbrellas

If you prefer some classic shape umbrellas (or what some for the broom and male guests), there is a great and large selection of really quality umbrellas that could reliable protection from rain and stronger wind so the clothes remain dry. 

Or you can look for laced umbrellas, that are more usual for weddings but are not suitable as rain protection. Those are mainly one colored, the most common is the white wedding umbrella or ivory wedding umbrella. If you would like to have a more original approach, you can even get red or pink wedding umbrellas. 

Maybe you are not aware of what is the laced umbrella good for, but we assure you, the whole sunny afternoon could cause unpleasant feelings for the bride or guests in the heavier clothes and having some sun cover is always a plus to cover and protect your skin. Therefore for a hot, sunny wedding day are laced umbrellas great items, especially for the women guests, bride, and bridesmaid.

Let‘s now look at our selection of the top wedding umbrellas and why you should consider buying those for your wedding! If you fancy some of the below-listed umbrellas, just click on the headline or the picture of the umbrella and you will be forwarded to item details on our website, where you can find other important information about the chosen umbrella. 

#1 Elegant bubble umbrella

As you can see in the picture there is no wonder we have included this umbrella to our selection in the first position – those umbrellas are very popular, look gorgeous and are very reliable and practical same time! You can pick from 5 different designs, all are clear wedding umbrellas with some gentle pattern or you can pick one just with a colored edge or just a clear wedding umbrella.

bubble elegant umbrella

This kind of umbrellas are usualy long-handled, semi-automatic – this means the opening is done by pushing a button while closing has to be done manually. The idea is when the rain comes suddenly you don‘t need two hands to open the umbrella and getting wet meanwhile, which is always a plus.

Elegant bubble umbrella

The great thing is that this umbrella could fit the broom as well, but they mostly prefer some classic shape umbrella instead. The weight is 330 grams (so your arm won‘t hurt due to holding the umbrella longer time), and the plastic J-handle makes it better portable. If there is no use, you can use it as a cane.

Elegant bubble umbrella

As a wedding planner, you probably need to know the price of such umbrellas – if you consider you can use those umbrellas as a normal umbrella after the wedding or give them as a gift to your guests, the price approx. 13 USD on Aliexpress including shipping (and without a quantity discount) is very reasonable.

#2 Bird flower umbrella

This product is really unique – if you need some fancy looking umbrella for a bride, we recommend this bird flower umbrella with an original design and same time gentle and reliable cover. As a plus, this umbrella could serve as parasol so this item is the proof you can connect practical usage with fancy looking design.

Another plus is this umbrella is fully automatic – the bride does not need to worry to get wet during opening or closing this umbrella as all of this is done by pushing a button. This umbrella is compact – where there is no use, it could be easily hidden in the bag. 

Bird flower art umbrella

The price is higher than the previous one, you can have it on Aliexpress for appr. 27 USD. If you consider using it later on, isn´t it a bad investment at all. 

#3 Rainbow umbrella

Do you plan a colorful wedding and you would like to have some colored umbrellas at your wedding too? If so, here we come with a great item, which is this rainbow umbrella! This product would definitely look gorgeous with a bride´s white dress and make the wedding photos as cheerful as possible, we assure you that! 

rainbow umbrella

Aa a plus is this umbrella sun umbrella as well, long-handled and non-automatic, which means the closing and opening is done manually. It has a metal skeleton with 24 ribs, which means this umbrella would be reliable against stronger wind and could cover 2 people at once due to its large diameter. 

rainbow umbrella

This is a really fantastic product and you would be probably surprised that it´s the price is appr. 13 USD only including shipping! Former customers also claim that it is packed very well for shipping purposes and that the umbrella is a quality one. Don‘t hesitate to buy some if you fancy those!

#4 Flat metallic umbrella

Are you looking for small umbrellas that could be hidden easily into a bag or a pocket and in the opening mode look really cool and stylish? If so, we have this metallic umbrella for you that make the trick! They could reliably cover one person, due to aluminum-steel and fiber skeleton could withstand stronger wind as well and are light-weighted so the arms won‘t hurt when holding them for a while. 

flat metalic umbrella

They could serve as a sun-protector as well so their usage is really large and another plus is that dries fast. So if you are looking for nice gifts for your wedding guests that could be practical when the rain comes, we recommend this flat metallic umbrella for sure! 

flat metalic umbrella

This umbrella is delivered in a case, previous customers appreciate the quality and the design of the umbrella. The price is appr. 18 USD including shipping and the producer focus on the umbrella production so you can be sure this umbrella stands the unpleasant weather without a problem.

#5 Beautiful flower parasol

Let‘s give some space to some parasols as they should have their space at the wedding too as explained earlier – they could avoid unpleasant feelings during hot summer wedding and protect the user from getting burnt.

Beautiful flower parasol

As this flower parasol – it looks very nice and the same time is this parasol very practical – it has a great shape so the whole shoulders and head could be covered and protected from the sun.

Beautiful flower parasol

For parasol, there is no such problem when the opening system is non-automatic as they really serve as a sun protector, not a rain protector. If you are not convinced to buy this parasol the price maybe change it as it costs only appr. 6 USD including shipping and former customers are very satisfied with this item!

#6 Fashion wedding umbrella

And as parasol could serve this beautiful laced wedding umbrella as well, offered in white or ivory color. The handle is wooden, the canopy material is cotton. It is large enough to cover one bride or bridesmaid.

white wedding umbrella

Former customers appreciate the delivery time, the package and the quality of the umbrella. You can have this product for appr. 16 USD on Aliexpress.

fashion wedding umbrella

#7 Transparent bubble umbrella

And this one is a hit! Purchased by a lot of customers, offered for a great price (appr. 10,5 USD on Aliexpress incl. shipping) and could be used as an elegant rain protector for the married couple as well as an umbrella for guests.

Transparent umbrella

This umbrella is also semi-automatic, long-handled with black or white plastic J-handle, has clear canopy the user could see through and even the raindrops falling on the umbrella.

transparent bubble umbrella

You simply cannot miss this product, which is evaluated very well byformer customers due to great quality, design and quick and reliable delivery.

#8 English style umbrella

We cannot miss the perfect umbrellas for grooms and male guests – most of the men like the classic shape umbrellas as e.g. this English style umbrella, that could not insult any men when offered to be used in the rain. Based on the topic or the wedding style you can even choose which handle those umbrellas would have – whether wooden or leather handle.

English style umbrella

This umbrella is fully-automatic, strong water repellent and with a pleasant size of 105 cm in the opening mode, is this product a great idea how to pleased male guests when the rain comes as it withstands stronger wind as well due to 10 strong metal ribs. Due to is this umbrella compact and has 33 cm in the closing mode, it could be easily hidden in the bag.

English style umbrella

Are you curious about the price of this umbrella? You will be probably nicely surprised as the price is appr. 15,5 USD only including shipping! Based on the former customer’s reviews you can be sure those umbrellas will be very reliable companions to a groom or your male guests!

#9 Strong windproof umbrella

Sometimes the wedding might take place in a windy and rainy place, no matter which season currently is. Therefore we are here to recommend this strong windproof umbrella, that could cover two people easily, is strongly windproof due to 12 strong metal ribs and is delivered with a leather case.

Strong windproof umbrella

You can even pick from 2 colors – black or blue. This umbrella is semi-automatic and if you think such a product should cost a fortune, we have great news for you as the price is appr. 12,5 USD including shipping on Aliexpress!

It has been purchased many times and former customers are thrilled by this umbrella as it is really quality and reliable!

#10 Cute wedding umbrella

Let‘s move to a really set wedding umbrella as is this cute laced umbrella. As it looks very fancy and quality the price also corresponds to it as it costs appr. 19 USD on Aliexpress. The reason is this umbrella is ultimately beautiful and makes your wedding day much more pleasant.

Cute lace umbrella

It is a non-automatic, long-handled umbrella with a wooden handle. There is also only one color option available. It weighs 370 grams, which is not bad for this umbrella to be held longer time without the arm pain.

cute wedding umbrella

Your wedding photos will be definitely lovely if you would have such an umbrella on it!

#11 Handmade wedding umbrella

This umbrella is hand made and you can choose from 3 colors – black, white and beige – the laced canopy looks brilliant and would make your wedding really special!

handmade wedding umbrella

Former customers claim this umbrella is a really quality one and the seller sends it in a reliable package so no worry about the shipping.

handmade wedding umbrella

Yes, the price corresponds to the quality of the umbrella – you can have it for 32 USD including shipping. As well as other laced umbrella is this one long-handled and non-automatic with wooden handle. 

#12 Just married umbrella

We cannot miss these Chinese style umbrellas as they are very popular and widely used during weddings. Due to the logo “Just married” or “Mr. and Mrs” is obvious those umbrellas are directly designated for wedding purposes.Just married umbrella

You can bet the wedding photos will look lovely with those umbrellas and it could be used as a parasol for the newly married couple as well.

It has a bamboo skeleton and handles, the canopy is Oilpaper, it is a long-handled umbrella. This umbrella costs appr. 11,5 USD on Aliexpress. 


If you pick the right wedding umbrella for your big day you should consider several things – whether should those umbrellas serve as umbrellas, as decoration, as a gift to guests or just for a married couple to make the wedding photo special only.

Based on this decision it would not be such hard to pick the right umbrella, but you should know there is a lot of umbrellas on the market and sometimes it is hard to pick just one considering price, features, and design.

Therefore you can navigate within our blog post about the top wedding umbrellas easily as we pointed out the best umbrellas for your wedding day from the point of quality, design and offered features for the money.

Ultimate guide: top 12 wedding umbrellas

Of course, sometimes the design and processing could cause the umbrella is more expensive, sometimes when you think some reliable product would cost a fortune, it surprisingly does not – this is always a great plus during wedding planning.

Saying generally umbrellas are and should be an important part of the wedding preparation plans due to weather could be unpredictable and no one would like to get wet during waiting for the bride to walk the line.

We wish you a pleasant time during picking the best wedding umbrella and in case of any question, do not hesitate to turn on us via comment below the post, we are here to help and advise!

Thank you for visiting our website www.umbrellaparty.com

Bye Renata


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    Thanks so much for sharing a great article about the ultimate guide about the 12 wedding umbrellas for 2020

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    He and his girlfriend told me they are under the budget for the wedding party but they know they need to get umbrellas for their family and friends who will be attending to the wedding as the party will be in a beautiful garden and very often people don’t think about the weather and they are sure most of the people will be at the party with no umbrellas!

    I loved all the umbrellas you share in this article, but I have to favorites for this wedding, the flat metallic umbrella and the Transparent bubble umbrella.

    What I like more about the transparent bubble umbrella is that is transparent and if it rains, everyone can see everyone!

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    I talked to my wife and I want to tell you that our favorite is the Rainbow umbrella. We always liked the colors and considering that we will take pictures in a colorful area this umbrella will be the special piece. I saw that it has 85 cm and an opening of 115 which makes me think that our boy will fit under this umbrella too in some photos. Thank you very much!

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