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Ultimate guide: what are the best umbrellas in 2019

As the year 2019 approaching to its end and during the year a lot of new umbrellas appear on the market, we decided to help you to choose the right one – for you or your relative and as a possible gift. Therefore, we have selected the top 5 women, men and children umbrellas so you can easily navigate in the current offer.

All those umbrellas have the top evaluation of former customers’, are from quality material and all look fancy. We realize everyone would like to have some quality umbrella and sometimes is the plain, black one sufficient, but if the quality umbrella looks differently from others, it could make your rainy days more joyful.

When you decide to follow our selection, be aware of the opening system (whether it is fully, semi or non-automatic umbrella), the diameter of the umbrella in opening mode, whether is the umbrella long-handled or compacted and if you like to choose one for your big family, than whether more than one person could hide under the selected umbrella or not.

Some of the umbrellas are great as a sun protector, so if you live in a sunny place, don‘t forget, it could make you happier under the sun as well. But, not all are suitable as a sun protector, so please be aware of the description.

Let‘s have a look at the top 5 women, 5 children and 5 men umbrellas produced in the year 2019.

Top 5 women umbrellas – 2019 edition

Women umbrellas – not only solid and quality ones, but also designer umbrellas, which not only make your rainy days joyful but also could complete the outfit. Some from our selection are not necessarily business umbrellas, but let´s be honest: which woman have only one umbrella at home, isn‘t it right? And if so, there are beautiful elegant umbrellas, which fulfill both requirements. Let‘s have a look at the best umbrellas for the year 2019.

#1 Luxury high-quality umbrella

The first umbrella is a very stylish women umbrella, which is very well evaluated by former customers’ from the point of quality and design. It is also fully-automatic, the opening system is user-friendly so there is no worry to have your fingers squeezed when trying to open the umbrella.

luxury women umbrella

It could serve as sun umbrella as well, the diameter of the opened umbrella is 98 cm, which is enough for one person to be reliably covered. It is not a light-weighted umbrella due to it has 400 grams. We higly recommend this umbrella!

#2 Wind resistant umbrella

This umbrella is a sure thing to buy if you prefer to have a solid, reliable and strong umbrella, which does not break or reverse even in case of stronger wind!

As all such umbrellas, which are strong and windproof, has this compacted umbrella 10 metal ribs and metal skeleton, is fully-automatic (means 1 hand free no matter whether you need to open or close the umbrella), the opening diameter is 105 cm, which means the reliable cover of yourself during rain.

So, if you look for a reliable, windproof, strong umbrella, which suits to your bag or backpack as well, we strongly recommend this product. There is also a blue color to be chosen instead of the classic black one, both look very elegant.

Just be aware of this umbrella to be heavier just due to strong metal ribs and skeleton – the weight is 425 grams. If you are looking for some lightweight umbrella, just follow us further.

#3 Ultralight automatic women umbrella

Here we come with ultralight but very well evaluated stylish women umbrella available in 3 beautiful colors – black, blue and red. The weight is only 270 grams and as it is compacted as well it suits to your bag very well.

The skeleton is made from carbon fiber, closing and opening are done by easy to push button on a plastic handle. This umbrella has also UV protection, which means it could be used as parasol – against sun protector as well.

women classic umbrella

The opening diameter is only 93 cm, which is enough for one person, to be hidden. We don´t recommend this umbrella to be used in case of windy weather.

#4 Elegant bubble umbrella

Bubble umbrellas could not be missed in our selection as they are so practical and fancy at the same time! This one is long-handled (most of the bubble umbrellas are long-handled) and semi-automatic – the opening is done by pushing button, closing has to be done manually. This one is also a great umbrella for events like a wedding – it can complete the outfit and keep dry during rainy days.

bubble elegant umbrella

As it is a transparent umbrella, there is a big plus that the user could keep an eye on the surroundings while protecting himself from rain and wind. You can see there is a different shape than used by “classic” umbrellas, which has a lot of advantages: the dome shape could cover whole head and shoulders, which especially for women is a great feature!

#5 Rainbow umbrella

Classic design and shape, but a bright and stylish umbrella – this is this rainbow umbrella in our selection. Evaluated very well by former customers and one of the most purchased on the market!

rainbow umbrella

It has 115 cm big diameter in opening mode, so it could cover second person as well. Long-handled umbrella with a manual opening (but this also means less chance for the opening system to be broken and therefore useless).

As this umbrella has a very small amount of people, you can be sure to have a very original umbrella, which would serve long due to 24 metal ribs! What a product!

Top 5 men umbrellas – 2019 edition

If we are talking about men‘s umbrella we can probably agree those should be very quality and strong, windproof and in classic shape and color. We have picked the best of the best, based on former customers’ evaluation concerning orders count and here we come with our selection:

#1 Windproof men umbrella

This is a sure thing for each man, who appreciates a really stable and quality umbrella, which could resist strong wind. This umbrella is semi-automatic, has a wooden J-handle, which makes this umbrella very elegant and fancy. There are 3 colors to be chosen from – black, blue and gray.

men umbrella

One of the most purchased men umbrellas has 550 grams, have a metal skeleton and in the open diameter has 110 cm, which means it could reliably cover the whole body and clothes.

#2 English style umbrella

If you can appreciate classic – English style umbrella, but compacted one, this product is a great choice! It has several types of plastic and wooden handle or its combination, is fully-automatic and in opening mode is has 116 cm for reliable cover. In compacted mode is has 33 cm so it could be easily stashed in a bag or backpack.

Classic men umbrella

It has 10 metal ribs, which guarantees this umbrella could withstand stronger wind as well. The canopy is also water repellent, which means the umbrella dries fast. This is a great business umbrella, suitable as a gift as well.

#3 Stylish, wooden handle umbrella

This original compacted umbrella with a gentle pattern has a 103 cm diameter in opening mode and a fully automatic opening system. The wooden J-handle makes from these umbrellas a very elegant and stylish product. 10 aluminum ribs make it stable and strong, reliable against the stronger wind as well.

Wooden handle umbrella

Due to the double layer, it could serve as a sun umbrella. We recommend this umbrella as a great gift for an elegant man.

#4 Big quality umbrella

Although this many times purchased umbrella is non-automatic, it is one of the biggest in our selection. It could reliably cover 2 people and could serve as parasol as well. There are 3 colors to be chosen from – black, blue and red with yellow edging. It is suitable as a car umbrella and as a great gift as well.

big women umbrella

This umbrella is not such heavy as could be expected, it has 480 grams only and it is even a compact umbrella, as compacted has this umbrella 30 cm only. Producer claim it could withstand really strong wind, 10 metal ribs are there to guarantee that.

#5 Fully automatic umbrella

We can agree most men appreciate classic umbrella, which withstands stronger wind, is from reliable material and could cover the whole body well. This umbrella is this kind umbrella – it is fully automatic, has a plastic handle and there are 5 colors to be chosen from.

Fully automatic umbrella

It has 105 cm in opening mode and in compacted mode 33 cm. It could be used as a parasol as well. The material is nylon-fabric and its weight is 430 grams, although it is supported by 10 nylon ribs. It is very well evaluated by former customers’ and we recommend this umbrella as well!

Top 5 kids umbrellas – 2019 edition

If you look for quality and style in case of women and men umbrellas, in case of children umbrellas you probably also look for some cute design the child would appreciate – especially in the rainy morning some really beautiful umbrella would cheer your child up, we guarantee you that!

Therefore, we picked the best children umbrellas you can find on the market – not only quality and solid, but also with design, which is eye-catching, but let´s convince yourself on your own:

#1 Animal Kids umbrella

The first umbrella is really one of the cutest we have on our website – available in 6 different designs, but all very beautiful and brightly colored, suitable for children since 5 years of age. A metal skeleton is supported by 8 metal ribs so it should withstand lighter wind as well.

animal kids umbrella

This umbrella is long-handled and semi-automatic. Due to little dome shape, it covers the child‘s head and body reliably. It is not heavy so your child could keep it a long time without the hand ache.

#2 Unicorn transparent umbrella

This fantastic transparent umbrella with Unicorn design is suitable for children since 6 years of age. As most of the bubble umbrellas are also this long-handled and semi-automatic. Due to this great dome shape, is the whole head and should reliably cover so there is no need to worry that your child will be wet, even in a rainstorm.

unicorn bubble umbrella

Plastic J-handle guarantees convenient holding, transparent canopy also assure a good view of the user. There are 4 available designs to be chosen from – all are very cute and beautiful.

#3 Fantastic inverted umbrella

The year 2019 brings fantastic umbrellas, which could be used as inverted as well so if the wind reverses it, you can move without any pain of giving it back and get wet in the meanwhile. On the inverted side, it has a pattern as well, so it does not look weird in this position and it looks that you use simply normal umbrella! What a product!

Fantastic inverted umbrella

This one is available in 2 designs, but the same producer has a lot of others in his shop – so whether it is your child girl or boy, there are plenty of cute designs available for them.

In the video attached to the product page, you can find a great and funny video on how this umbrella could be used, also for adults. We believe this kind of umbrella become more and more popular.

#4 Amazing Spider-man umbrella

If you have a small spider-man fan in your family, he surely appreciates this fantastically designed umbrella. It is a compacted and non-automatic umbrella, suitable for bigger children. There is quite no sense to mention there is a lot of designs to be chosen from – not only this one on the picture.

Amazing Spider man umbrella

This umbrella is definitely a great gift tip, for Marvel fans, there are other designs with Captain America and Iron Man under this producer, so if you are not sure about the Spider-man, the other Marvel comics design are available as well!

#5 Transparent kids umbrella

This umbrella is suitable for smaller children and you can pick from a lot of great, bright designs suitable for boys and girls. It is a long-handled transparent umbrella with a classic shape and opening diameter around 80 cm, so if you can see it is really for small children. It has a soft semi-automatic opening system your child should handle without a problem.

Transparent kids umbrella

Umbrella has a plastic j-handle so in case there is no use it could be held conveniently in children‘s hands. Former customers appreciate this umbrella as it looks exactly as in the picture – with all the bright colors and cute designs.


Our goal of this post was to show you the best 2019 umbrellas we offer on our website as well and convince you that even an umbrella could be a great gift for your children or other family members. Especially if you pick a quality umbrella, it is no way the receiver would not be happy for that – you can imagine how many umbrellas people break during their lives, right?

best umbrellas 2019

We hope you find our selection useful and if it gives you some great tips on which umbrella to choose, we will be happy. In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the comment below the post. We will be happy to help!

Have a great pre-Christmas time and thank you for visiting our website!

Bye Renata

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