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Ultimate guide: how to choose best umbrella for college student

As a college student, you probably don’t appreciate going to school in the rainstorm. When you wake up in the morning and realize there is rain outside and you need to go to school…you know this feeling, right?

And going across a large campus in the rain does not bring you better feeling as well, especially when you need to keep all the stuff like a laptop or books in your arms.

You can avoid this situation by wearing some rain jacket, however, this is not the ideal situation in case you have more stuff with you, which should not get wet.

What if we tell you there is a better solution! There is a way to avoid such a situation and even get excited when there is rain outside! Imagine some stylish umbrella, which is quality, could cover yourself and your stuff very well and is not expensive at all?

Let´s look on the best umbrellas for college student and let´s start with the unique product, which is:

Led light umbrella

This cool designed umbrella is not only for the night but also for the grey rainy days. The led light umbrella looks very fancy and is very original.

Led light umbrella

It is a long-handled, manual umbrella, very suitable for a quick move from your home to the college. You can choose from 3 designs: pink, blue or transparent.

The plastic handle has flashlight function so if you need to find your keys in the night, it is a great feature!

Colourful bubble umbrella

On our website, you don’t need to wait a long time until you come to bubble umbrella. Those are very practical and stylish at the same time.

bubble umbrella

If you choose some clear bubble umbrella you have a great through view to the street and it covers the whole head and shoulders.

Due to “dome” shape it would be very hard to reverse the umbrella in stronger wind, which definitely a plus. They are mostly long-handled and semi-automatic.

Luxury women umbrella

For all stylish women, we have a very fancy umbrella on our website. One of the greatest features is that this umbrella can serve as sun protector as well.

luxury women umbrella

This umbrella is fully-automatic, compacted and has enough long canopy to protect its user very reliably. There are 3 basic designs to be chosen from.

Wind resistant umbrella

Is the campus where you live a really windy place or do you live in a windy area? If so, we have great quality, a windproof umbrella for you!

Wind resistant umbrella

This umbrella is a fully-automatic umbrella, have a large canopy so it is suitable as a sports umbrella or fishing umbrella as well and as a plus, it is compacted umbrella, which means could be easily stashed in the bag or backpack.

Due to 10 steel ribs, it is more windproof than other umbrellas and you can even choose from 2 colours – blue and black. The allover design is very fancy and stylish.

Pocket mini umbrella

For women is sometimes very hard to decide what stuff to wear in a small bag or backpack. For those, we have a great solution – the mini pocket umbrella.

pocket mini umbrella_pink

There are 4 designs to be chosen from, are suitable as sun protectors as well and are non-automatic. Their weight is 245 grams only and in the opening mode, it has 88 cm, which is enough to protect one person from rain.

In the folding mode, it has 18 cm only and it comes with a very stylish case in which it can be stashed in a smaller bag!

Animal’s printed umbrella

Not only the art class students would probably appreciate some interesting printed umbrellas! The one we would like to present is the animal’s printed umbrella with 9 different styles to be chosen from.

Animals printed umbrellaWhether you like the elephant one or another design, this umbrella is really a hit! The reason is that this is not only very stylish umbrella, but it is fully-automatic umbrella with a large canopy (108 cm).

It also has UV filter as well so it could serve as a sun protector or a beach umbrella.

It has a plastic handle, is super light-weighted and it comes with a nice, stylish case. You can stash it easily to a bag or backpack.

European style umbrella

This umbrella says itself what is the best on it – the bubble type, clear umbrella with very stylish design – you can choose from 2 designs and both have something to do with one of the rainiest countries in the world.

European cities umbrella

But, this umbrella is semi-automatic with a plastic long handle and in the opening mode, it has 120 cm, which means it covers you and your stuff very well! Even in the win,d you should be happy to have this umbrella as due to the shape it cannot be reversed.

Pocket automatic umbrella

A small umbrella, pocket, automatic and still very fancy and reliable – this is pocket automatic umbrella with 6 design options. And, it is anti UV umbrella as well!

pocket automatic umbrella

Big quality umbrella

If you are a fan of the classic, big umbrellas without a distinct pattern, we have one tip for you – this big, quality umbrella definitely cover you and your girlfriend!

It has 150 cm in the opening mode and it is even compact umbrella, which has 30 cm in folded position! So, there are no troubles with holding it when there is no need, just put it into your backpack and that’s it!

big women umbrella

Altought it is a non-automatic umbrella, it is very suitable for sports, fishing as it has a very large canopy and can resist stronger wind! There are 3 designs to be chosen from – blue, black and red.

Cute female umbrella

The last selected umbrella will be the one, suitable for women. The flower design is very fresh and fancy, so with this umbrella, you cannot do a mistake.

It can serve as UV protector as well, it is non-automatic umbrella – the opening and closing has to be done manually, but there are features, which allow you to do that very easily and smoothly.

Fancy umbrella

It has a metal skeleton, which makes this umbrella quite reliable even in stronger wind. In the folded position it has 18 cm only, the canopy has 110 cm in the open position, which guarantee very good covering of one person. There are even 10 designs to be chosen from!

Printed or colourless umbrella? That is the question!

Whether you prefer printed or colourless umbrella suitable to your student´s life,you can find the right umbrella in our website for sure.

Just keep in mind, it is only up to you which one you choose in the end! Just be aware the fully-automatic umbrella would be more suitable for a student with a full hand so their one hand is free to open the umbrella by pushing the button!

Manual umbrellas could make your life in the rain difficult, especially, if the mechanism is not such user friendly.

We have tried to recommend such umbrellas which have a manual opening system, but they are evaluated very well by former customers so we know there should not be a problem with opening and closing such umbrella.

If you are not much aware of how the opening mechanism work, kindly read our article about the manual and fully/automatic umbrellas.

Best student umbrellas

The printed umbrellas could make your rainy morning more cheerful, especially if you choose some fancy umbrella, which is the same time windproof, lightweight and compact.

We hope we have selected the best umbrellas for you and in case of any further question, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving you comment below the post. We will be happy to help!

Have a great time during searching for the best umbrella!



  • Henderson

    This is really a good list of umbrellas. I just bought the European styled umbrella which I think is cool seeing that one can use it in the rain and on windy says too. I was caught by the first umbrella in the list, the led umbrella, it looks really stylish with the lights on them. Are they powered by rechargeable or disposable batteries?

    • Renata


      Thank you for your kind comment! The led umbrella is powered by disposable batteries. We also think this one is super cool. You are right, the European styled umbrella is a great item, resistant to rain and wind, and stylish as well. Thank you for stopping by and have a great summer! 

      Bye Renata

  • Claude Langlais

    Hello, Renata, you have a very refreshing site. You give umbrellas a classic touch and your advice on buying a manual umbrella or automatic is very relevant. Prices seem very reasonable. You also offer us all the details we need before buying an umbrella like the size, the weight, the length if they are good in a windy situation, the colors, and the design. If we follow your advise the choice of an umbrella will be much easier.

    • Renata

      Hello Claude,

      What nice words from you, this is the purpose we set when we started creating this website. We really hope it will be helpful for people to find what they are looking for – either the particular umbrella or advice on how to choose the right one. We do and will do our best to fulfil this purpose. Your words are really encouraging and again, thank you for them! We wish a great summer and thank you for stopping by! Bye Renata

  • golftechguy

    I didn’t know that there is such a wide choice of stylish and fashionable umbrella’s. As a keen golfer that would be my default style of umbrella due to the size and features of wind resistance. 

    Do you recommend any umbrellas for us golfers? The only ones available tend to be from the golf equipment manufacturers.

    • Renata

      Hello! Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, we have golf umbrellas selection – you can find it here Golf umbrellas – which are windproof, quite large and strong so should be definitely suitable for golf players and are for reasonable price as well. Thank you for stopping by and have a great summmer! Bye Renata

  • Stella

    All this umbrellas are eye catching. I love a wind resistant umbrella very much. This umbrellas can prevent one from frustration from the heavy wind that can turn the umbrella shade upside down. I like the fact that it is potable and can be slashed into back. My second best choice from this list is the pocket mini umbrella because of it size. I also like the animal printed umbrella because of it’s uv protection. These lists will be of great help while deciding for the type of umbrella we can get.

    • Renata

      Hello Stella,
      Thank you for your kind comment. You are right about the umbrellas you have chosen, those are really great, portable and reliable. The animal printed one is special due to fantastic design and UV protection, so it could be used as the beach umbrella as well. Thank you for stopping by and have a great summer! Bye Renata

  • Jaron Goh

    I usually avoid carrying umbrellas around because of how bulky they are and due to the fact that I like my hands free.  However, I really do like the LED umbrella!  Are these models robust though?  I have had some experience with the metal spokes (is that what you call them) or frame of the umbrella rusting or bending out of shape.  Just an afterthought, it would be interesting considering one with a plastic frame for better longevity.  

    • Renata

      Hi Jaron,
      Thank you for stopping by! The material of led umbrella (skeleton and ribs) are from glass fibre, which means it would be reversed in a really strong wind, but should not be broken right away. So for normal wind and rain, it should serve very well. Plastic frames would not be the ideal solution as those are not such flexible so it could be broken very easily. The metal, iron or glass fibre are the best materials, here depends more on the ribs amount (ideally 10 to be more reliable against stronger wind). Thank you for your kind comment and in case of further question do not hesitate to leave another comment or contact us via chatbox. We are here to help. All the best Renata

  • RoDarrick

    Excellent list of top notch umbrellas for college students and also, circumstances that would warrant the use of different umbrellas. As. A college student myself, stormy or raining seasons are probably the worst times for me to attend school because of cold and other this GS but having an umbrella to befit the situation is always welcomed. I just lost my umbrella to storm during the last winter and I dont want such to occur to me the next time. Nice suggestions you have up here but I will just stick with the big quality umbrella. It’s simple and cool to me

    • Renata

      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment! The big quality umbrella is a fantastic product, which would serve very well for you, I am sure of that! So this is a great opinion from you and a great choice. Not everyone wants some colored one, of course. I am happy to show you some suitable umbrellas and wish you a nice summer! Bye Renata

  • Heather

    My niece is a college student in Seattle, she’s studying law. In the area where she lives there’s always rain, so she’s constantly changing her umbrellas. Also, she’s complaining that because of severe wind, she has to change her umbrellas very often, as they get broken pretty fast. Out of your list, is there any umbrella you would recommend for its resistance? I’m looking for something more “serious” since she’s studying law, nothing with flower or pinkish patterns. Thanks.

    • Renata

      Hello Heather,
      Thank you for your kind comment! I would definitely recommend this umbrella – Wind resistant umbrella
      as it is wind resistant (10 fibreglass ribs), you can find on the video as well as how it works. Hopefully, your niece will like this one as I do. Thank you for stopping by and in case of any further help needed, do not hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us via chatbox. Bye Renata

  • Ashley

    Hi Renata, thanks for this umbrella guide. I’m a college student myself and umbrellas are a big issue, especially in the autumn (we have a lot more rain here in that period). I actually love colorful patterns and prints, so the bubble umbrella you mentioned is by far my favorite. But I’m also looking for an umbrella that can close, since I want it to fit into my purse. I think I will choose the pocket mini model in the end, maybe I can find something with some colorful prints.

    • Renata

      Hello Ashley,
      Thank you for your kind comment and stopping by! If you are looking for some mini pocket umbrella, we would recommend this one: Pocket flower umbrella or this one Small pocket umbrella as both are mini in the folding mode and are coloured. The second one fits any season, the first one more to spring as due to flower pattern. Hopefully, you will choose some on our website. In case any further assistance needed, leave us a note or contact us via chatbox. Bye Renata

  • Kevin And Jade

    Awesome post!

    I rarely use umbrellas because I live in an unbelievably windy place and the number of umbrellas I’ve killed due to high winds is so just too high. I thought I’d be better off with a coat and a hood. It never even occurred to me to check if there are windproof umbrellas. I’m gonna have to try it myself and see how it goes. Does it have a maximum wind speed limit (you know, before it breaks)?

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind insight! Yes, there are some strongly windproof umbrellas on the market, we personally recommend this one: Wind resistant umbrella – as in the video you can see it could resist a strong wind as well. Unfortunately, there is no such information about the maximum wind speed before it breaks. But, if we can advise – if the umbrellas have 10-12 ribs, it should be quite resistant. We understand your problem with the broken umbrellas so hopefully, you will find some really resistant on our website e.g. the one we have recommended. Have a great summer and thank you for stopping by! Bye Renata

  • Feochadan

    This is a great comparison of the many umbrella types that can be chosen from.  Although I don’t go to college, I could still use one or two (or MORE!) of these!

    Umbrellas have come a long way.  I can’t count the number of times an umbrella has been turned inside out by the wind on me.  Its good to see that several varieties are resistant to this.  I especially like the bubble umbrella that would easily cover a person’s head, shoulders and the top of the backpack.  The UV resistant ones would especially be useful when outside under the glaring sun.  The parasol of the future!

    My only problem now is which one to choose!

    • Renata

      Thank you for stopping by! The bubble umbrellas are fantastic products, we absolutely agree with your opinion! And using them as parasols is a good idea too, it does not look weird and it covers you from the sun very well. The classic umbrellas could be used as parasols as well, but the large ones look weird when you use it e.g. during walking through the city. Hopefully, you will choose on our website your ideal umbrella and in case of any further assistance needed, do not hesitate to contact us via comment or chat box. All the best! Renata

  • Stella

    Yes, umbrellas are very useful.  However, I have a little problem; 

    I alway end up losing them!  Somebody needs to invent a mini umbrella that also serves as a key ring so you definitely will never lose it…

    As your post is all about the different types of umbrellas out there, it would be useful to find someone who could invent the umbrella that you ‘never lose’ don’t you think?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Renata

      Dear Stella,
      Thank you for visiting our website! The idea of the key-ring umbrella is absolutely great! I agree there is this problem with losing them quite on regular bases, especially for younger people and kids so this would solve the problem. Hopefully, some producers come with such a solution quite soon. Thank you for this great insight and have a great summer!
      Bye Renata

  • Jack Leishman

    I didn’t realise I had been umbrella shopping all wrong. So many styles and colours. I have a rough idea of what I’m looking for when buying the next umbrella. You have made my old boring umbrella get hung up and swapped with a fun colourful new shiny one 😁

    Thank you so much you put some colour into my like 


    • Renata

      Hello Jack,
      Good to hear we gave you another tip of the possible umbrellas you could buy! The colourful ones are very nice, just be aware to get some quality, stronger one, which could also resist the wind. But, still, we have a large selection of the umbrellas, which could make your rainy days more cheerful! Have a great summer and thank you for visiting our website! Bye Renata

  • alexbdinos

    Your umbrellas are fun,  high tech and are artistic. reading about them was interesting gave warm feeling as each  of those umbrellas has there purpose is cool. The animal print with elephant captured me the most as it is animals are tradition here in Africa its my favourite one of them all.

    • Renata

      Thank you for your kind comment! We agree the animal’s printed umbrella is so cool, especially the elephant one! It is also important to choose wisely the one, which suits your need – whether you live in a windy country or just as parasol or summer rains, all depends. Luckily we are offering different style and purpose umbrella. Thank you for stopping by and have a great summer! Bye Renata

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