How to pick sun umbrella

When sun goes up (and you need to hide)

Many of the topics we are writing about are connected to rain umbrellas and all the “rain protection” related topics. But, surprisingly, umbrellas can serve not only as protection from rain, but also for protection from the sun!

Not such an innovative solution

The sun-protective umbrellas have quite a history, as they have been discovered originating approximately 4000 years ago.  You have maybe noticed they are quite popular in some Asian countries like Japan, China or Vietnam.

It is not exactly known who invented first umbrella, but there is evidence of umbrellas in ancient art and artifacts of Greece, Egypt, Assyria and China. The first umbrellas has been used against sun, later on comes their practical use against rain as well.

Recently, we can see the fashion of sun umbrellas has become quite popular even in Europe, and probably in other continents as, well.

sun protection umbrella

And here comes the question: what kind of umbrella should you choose so it covers you from the sun the right way? Do the rain umbrellas the UV protection function, as well?

Rain umbrellas = sun umbrellas?

The best information is that the classic rain umbrella could also protect you very well against the sun. Scientists have found the rain protective umbrella could block at least 70% of UV radiation! Some kinds of dark rain umbrellas even block 99%.

Also, the producers of umbrellas have started to show the UV protection level so you can see whether your rain umbrella could serve as the UV protector or not.

Why start to use a sun umbrella?

For women, it could sometimes be weird to use a rain umbrella instead of a special sun umbrella. Honestly, could you imagine using the big, family umbrella during a walk through the sunny city?

Although the protection could be the same, would it not be better to have another, light-weighted and probably more stylish sun umbrella instead?

The pros and cons of the usage of sun umbrellas and rain umbrellas as sun protectors are summarized below:

Sun umbrellas vs. rain umbrellas

Your skin worth the money

During the times when the ozone layer is not as protective, we should especially think about how to protect from the UV radiation. Really we should every time we are going to face the strength of the sun rays.

Not only can people with Lupus or some other illnesses that affect the skin surely confirm how the sun rays make their illness much worse – but also consider small children. They should definitely not be exposed to the sun as they could be easily burned or get heatstroke (adults could face heatstroke as well, however, they know more how to prevent it).

Why consider buying a sun umbrella?

The sun umbrella could also serve very well in case you do not have sun-lotion right by your side or your skin is very sun-sensitive or even sun allergic. Or perhaps you simply do not want your skin to age due to sun impact, which has been proven many times by scientists: the sun has a very bad influence on our allover skin condition!

The best sun umbrella

Currently, there is quite a selection of sun umbrellas – whether plain or coloured, with laces or just lace bordering – you should be able to pick a favourite one without troubles.

Just as with rain umbrellas, you can see the opening mechanism could be automatic or manual. You can choose a compacted one with the possibility of being stashed in a bag or backpack, or the normal, big umbrella, maybe for your child to be covered as well.

Anti UV umbrella

And if you go more practical way and look for a rain and sun umbrella in one, always see whether the umbrella you have picked provides UV protection.

Cover your children as well

Without a doubt, the protection of your child has the same importance as the protection of yourself. Even for the small children in a stroller, there exist sun umbrellas, which can be easily fastened and protect your children very reliably. What an invention, right?

Let´s decide

Whether you decide to buy a sun umbrella or just use your compact, rain umbrella also for protection from the sun, both solutions are great as the protection itself is what really matters.

Do not forget to read the instruction of the producer whether the rain umbrella is suitable also to be used as a sun protector.

stylish sun umbrella

We wish you a lot of a great time during choosing of the sun umbrella and in case you missing some, kindly let us know to the comment below the post.



  • Raquel

    Thanks Renata. I always carry a travel size umbrella with me since I commute to work. I use it mostly for rain, but also when the sun is so harsh. Like today, glad it held up coz the rain and wind were quite strong. I know some people don’t really like bringing umbrellas, but you’ll never know right? It might always come in handy. We also have the big family umbrellas in the car which is more durable but heavier. There are reversible umbrellas that are available in the market now, what do you think about those? Is it any good?

    • Renata

      Hello Raquel,

      Thank you very much for your kind comment.

      You are right – some people (including me) does not like to carry the umbrella, for those are the compact umbrellas better choice. And if it could protect them even from the sun… these days quite a plus!

      In relation to the reversible umbrellas – for me quite not a good idea – this is definitely another way how the umbrella could be broken so I would not recommend such an umbrella in comparison with e.g. normal big size, windproof umbrella.

      Thank you anyway for stopping by and have a nice sunny day!

      Bye Renata

  • Alblue

    Thanks Renata for writing about sun umbrellas. I’ve heard about them but never really thought what’s the difference with rain umbrellas. My country has tropical climate, so when the sun goes up, the rays can be quite harsh (especially in area near the beaches). Is there any physical difference between a sun umbrella and rain umbrella? Also, does sun umbrella available in travel size too? Thank you for your information

    • Renata

      Hello and thank you for your kind comment.
      There is not a physical difference, the opening mechanism is quite the same – manual or automatic, however, the canopy of the sun umbrella has often the Anti-UV black coating, which helps protect you better from the sun, however, most of the rain umbrellas already have it as well.

      The same way how the rain umbrellas are big or compact, the sunny umbrellas could be small or bigger. So if you wish to carry it in your bag, no problem at all, the offer is quite large.

      Thank you anyway for stopping by and hopefully, we have given you some tip for your new umbrella to try:).

      All the best

  • Stella

    UV Unbrella has been part of my dressing ever since I change my location. Where I stay now is very hot and I can’t stand the risk of sun irritation. I have an umbrella which is very portable to carry around and it is useful for both rain and sun. But it serves more advantage for sun protection than rain protection. Very broad and thick umbrella can be very useful rain but it might be very heavy to carry around. Thanks for this review!!

    • Renata

      Hello Stella,

      Nice to hear that someone uses the umbrella different way than against the rain:), not many people around me do.

      For me, the rain umbrella with some UV protection would be better for me as well, simply have 2 functions in one product, I find it really effective.

      Thank you for stopping by and have a nice sunny days!

      Best regards


  • Mandy

    Hi Renata

    When I started reading your article, I wondered about the difference between rain umbrellas and sun umbrellas. I wondered why a rain umbrella wouldn’t be as good as a sun umbrella. As I continued to read through the article, you explained it to me, so thank you!

    I’m not the type to use an umbrella for the sun. I’m more of a hat and sunblock kind of woman. The reason is because I don’t like carrying around more than I need to. So my question would be what are some types of sun umbrellas that would easily fit into a purse?

    Thank you for sharing this information with us!


    • Renata

      Hello Mandy,

      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment!
      I am on the same page with carrying too much stuff, that’s why I have always prefered the compact umbrellas.

      We have the offer of pocket mini sun umbrellas e.g. here
      those are very small, could fit into a smaller bag as well and same time protect you from the sun due to quite strong UV protection function (99 %).

      I hope you will like our offer of sun umbrellas and wish you a great summer!

      Best regards

  • Antonio

    Hi  Renata

    Umbrella for the sun, are they technically known as Parasols? Or are we talking about something else?  You think that because of the physics of solar radiation that they would be white or very shiny because shiny things have very low emissivities, whilst black wil absorb the sun causing it to get hot.  

    As protection from the sun is very important, for fair skinned people to avoid being sunburnt and possibilities of getting skin cancer.  What you say about sun exposure is very true for some conditions, but for other sun is beneficial , such as psorarsis.   I   tend to cover myself with a hat and suncream when it is very sunny, but for my Italian friends, I will pass this excellent article on , as they will appreciate it.



    • Renata

      Hello Antonio,

      Great to hear from you! Yes, Parasols are what we are talking about, we have just named it more straightforward, so everyone knows right away what is going on. People in my country does not use the umbrella as sun protection so I have decided to name it this way.

      Anyway, with psoriasis you are absolutely right, the general problem is more skin cancer and no matter if you have any skin problem or not, the protection is necessary anyway.

      Thank you for stopping by and your kind insights!

      All the best


  • Adrian Holland

    Being a fibromyalgia sufferer, I have the added complication of being inclined to quite serious prickly heat and a severe sun effected rash, so i read your article with great interest as it is quite important for me to cover-up in the sun. i have to profess to resorting to long sleeves and a hat generally as the umbrella has become such a fashion ex-pat. I do however use one in the rain so I found it very interesting to find that there is such a thing as a UV umbrella, and I found myself much relieved to read that the normal rain umbrella was almost, if not just as effective.

    It maybe about time for me to attempt to become a fashion setter.

    kind regards


    • Renata

      Hello Adrian,

      Thank you for your insight, it is very important to hear from someone, who has real troubles with the sun, about how the protection is important. I absolutely agree and I am glad to hear that some information could help you to face the sun as e.g. the rain umbrella, who has Anti-UV coating and provide quality protection.

      Hopefully, you will find some great recommended products on our website. Wish you all the best!

      Bye Renata

  • Trevor M

    Great information for everyone including families especially for children! As they love to play outside and NO is never the answer as we want to encourage them to try new things and experience new things such as the rain! My opinion about the topic is great advertisement and colors! This makes me want a yellow umbrella as it really stands out! UV protection is a much especially for kids of course! Everyone deserves to stay dry and protected! 

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